Celebrity Choreographer, Drea Kelly Presents La Belle Jeté Cabaret, a Premier Burlesque and Entertainment Revue

Celebrity choreographer, actress and transformational speaker, Drea Kelly is excited to announce that starting in May 2022, her premiere burlesque company, La Belle Jeté Cabaret will host a monthly performance of Burlesque and More.  The first performance of many will open at Mann Robinson Studios located at 1035 Donnelly Ave, Atlanta, GA 30310.  The show will premiere on May 21, 2022, at 7:oo P.M. Tickets begin at $35 for general admission and $45 for premium seating and are available online at Eventbrite.com or by clicking the link https://tinyurl.com/LaBelleJete.

Choreographed by Drea Kelly, the production boasts high-energy, tantalizing classic burlesque routines of the 1920s.  The variety show features performances by La Belle Jeté Cabaret, the dancers include Madame DREA The DREAm, Lottie The Body, Diamond LaBelle, Breeze Amour, Naomi Vul Skyy, Honney and Nikki Crenshaw.  Entertainment accompanied by Chicago comedian, Bald Head Phillips, known for his stand-up routines on BET, TV One, Comedy After Dark and more, who will host and join the act with a comedy set.

La Belle Jeté Cabaret Burlesque and More will premiere on May 21 as a sneak peek of the full-length production, which will begin in June and will follow every month after that.  Each month will feature new comedians, special guest music performers and dancers.  Presale for the full-length revue is available on Eventbrite.comhttps://tinyurl.com/LaBelleJete.

“Le Belle Jeté’s ultimate goal is to return all things feminine to its rightful owner, a woman.  La Belle Jeté’s desired result is to not only be a preiemer live performance, but also a hit reality show,” Drea Kelly states.


Drea Kelly has spent the last handful of years dividing her time between teaching master classes, acting, taking on new entrepreneur endeavors and walking in her divine purpose as a transformational speaker.  Born a dancer, Drea Kelly first rose to fame as a Brown ballerina from the Southside of Chicago, studying under the guidance of Joe Hall.  She quickly grew her performance repertoire to be recognized as an award-winning celebrity choreographer, principal dancer and founder of Andrea Kelly Dance Theater.  Her long list of choreographic productions for celebrities can be seen in music videos, award shows and national and international tours.


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