Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With MUA and Pretty On Purpose Owner.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I knew working for others wasn’t an option and that I needed to capitalize on my passions and skills.  Plus coming from a family full of entrepreneurs (majority women) it only made sense for me to follow that path.  Lastly, I wanted something that wasn’t just mine, but what represented my brand as well.

Did you take any specific training to become a makeup artist?

I was doing what we all do at first and that was self-teaching.  I started with brows and everyone around me would request that I did theirs and was willing to pay.  That got me to thinking, well since I love this so much and people are willing to pay, what would be the outcome if I got my license and turned this into a business! I attended one of the oldest beauty schools in Maryland, called Von Lee.  Graduated with my certification in April of 2017 and started Pretty On Purpose. 

What is the makeup trends coming up this Winter?

Natural! Since Covid entered and took over 2020, not really allowing for good old-fashioned outings.  Not so much as a cute little brunch, a lot of people have been opting for the minimal face.  That includes natural, soft tones with a hue thrown in here and there to give what’s called a soft glam.  If you want dramatic, there’s always a pop of glitter you can add to your lids or lips to stand out.  I have also noticed a lot of matte lips, which I would recommend in the fall as our lips tend to have less moisture.

For a first-time buyer, what items would you recommend to purchase from your website?

I don’t sell products as of yet, but rather services.  If I had to suggest anything it would be to attend one of my learn makeup or learn how to style with me sessions via virtual or face-to-face following necessary health guidelines. 

What are some of your goals for the future of Pretty On Purpose?

Everything! Lol, just kidding.  However, I see Pretty On Purpose as one of the top makeup and fashion styling businesses around.  My plans are to connect my brand with the movie industry and on a smaller scale with my everyday hardworking beauty. But nothing would please my heart more than to use my business for humanitarian purposes such as, the domestic violence victim, cancer patient, single parent and so on.  My main goal with Pretty On Purpose is to help enhance the beauty one already possesses.  Imagine waking that spirit up in some of the above mentioned. 

What song do you have to sing along with when you hear it?

All of them, I literally love all genres except for heavy metal that is, I totally don’t get it.  Nonetheless, I work my absolute best with music, it’s my motivation, like my battery charger. Therefore, if it grooves, it helps me to move!

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

If it’s makeup, a full face. Outside of that, loving herself first, a “Selfish day” also considered a, “Me day”.  Complete with a spa visit and a full makeover to remind her of how beautiful she truly is.  Which is the type of experience Pretty On Purpose offers.  We show and teach women how to bring their inner beauty to the out to match up and become one.

What is your most cherished possession?

My Son, my heart and my mascara. 

What activities brought you joy and made you feel alive as a child?

My childhood was a bit rough and challenging. I had to help raise my two young brothers who where my joy and sadly they are no longer with us.  In the midst of that I never truly felt pretty, but loved fashion and all things beauty as I use to watch my mother get ready for work.  She would throw on her little white pumps with her A-lined skirt or sweater dress. Although that was as fun to watch, nothing brought me more excitement in that moment than when I watched her put her makeup on. She would give this wide grin as she applied her lipstick on the apples of her cheek as a blush, since she didn’t use brushes.  She was no makeup artist, yet she found a way to maximize what she had and still come up with a look that worked for her and was cute. Those where my first days experiencing makeup and fashion and I thought the world of it just in those brief moments.  It made me beyond happy, because she always looked beautiful. In turn I would play around in those same pumps and try to smile and make my cheeks red.  It was destiny! 

What is one change you’ve been avoiding, that could change your life?

Ugh, where do I start? Learning to no longer worry about if I’m stepping on someone’s toes, because we’re doing the same thing.  Whether I know them or not, which will also help me to be stern and understand my worth.  I hold my talent back with the fear of what someone will say who is in the same field as me.  Although I like to think I’m unique and my approach is different, I don’t want them feeling like I’m trying to take over, if that makes sense.

How does your dream life look like?

I am free to move about the world with clients of all walks and tax brackets.  I have mastered my time and goals of beautifying those who weren’t so sure.  I own a thriving corporation, real estate and my brands opinion is what helps others in my field get called in.  I set my own rules, schedule and travel the world and live with no regrets, while reminding others that it was JESUS mercy that got me this far.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

They can find me on Instagram: @prettyonpurpose18.  Facebook: @fashionisntalwaysalabel and YouTube: Pretty On Purpose 18.



  1. To be part of a wonderful woman’s life with so much compassion and talent’s is overwhelming. Whatever she set out to do she will not stop untill its done.Im proud of u my daughter and support you in whatever u do love mom.


  2. I Am So Proud of You! Your An Inspiration and Your Determination doesn’t go Unnoticed I Love You keep Striving for Greatness that what Your Destined for – Love Always Your Sister


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