Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With Lala Bella Cosmetics Owner.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was inspired to start my own business, because I would constantly breakout when I would use drugstore bronzers.  So I did some research to learn which ingredients were okay for the skin and started to make and wear my own bronzer/highlighter.  I would get so many compliments in person, that it made me want to help others with sensitive skin.  So that they could have a bronzer that was skin friendly and cruelty free.

As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?

My top three priorities is the customers safety/ingredients, timely delivery and quality over quantity when creating new products.

What is one thing you think customers should know about your store that they may not be aware of?

I truly care about the customer, so everything is opened and checked for quality assurance by me before it is shipped out.

What is the biggest misconception you have faced in your career?

The biggest misconception I’ve faced so far in my career is that it would be a few steps to set up your business and you’d be at the finish line.  You don’t really get to a finish line, because you’re constantly changing and growing from everyday experiences you face.  It takes time to put a business together (especially one that you really care about) and to pay for everything legally and inventory wise.


What are some of your goals for the future of Lala Bella Cosmetics?

I plan on launching several products within the next few weeks, as well as possibly hosting a one year anniversary party for Lala Bella Cosmetics!

Do you think social media has improved human communication?

I do feel for a business owner it is vital for us, because without it we wouldn’t be able to market to our consumer.

How do you spend your free time and where do you like to go?

I honestly am kind of a homebody nowadays.  I like to shop, cook and also vlog/blog on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


What were some of the best and worst things about where you grew up?

I grew up in the Bay Area California and the best thing to me was the food, the nail shops and the beaches.  The worst would be the crime, gangs, shootings, robberies, etc.

What’s one thing you have learned that most people don’t know how to do?

How to be patient with your business and not give up.  People sometimes expect instant gratification when it comes to starting a business , but I will tell you you‘re not going to get that right away.  It’s definitely going to take a lot of work.

If there was nothing standing in your way, what would your life look like right now?

Honestly I don’t feel that there is anything in the way, because I am a very determined person.  So if I want something bad enough I am going to go get it.

If given a chance to meet three most famous people on the earth, who would it be, answer in order of preference?

One day I have to meet Tracee Ellis Ross, Halle Berry and Rihanna.  Love all three of them, powerful, beautiful women.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

I have multiple pages but my main pages are on Instagram @lalabellacosmetics and @bellagoddesss. Facebook @lalabellacosmetics and @bellaoddesss.


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