Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Nashville Life Music.

After an incredible debut in 2019, Nashville Life Music will release their first full-length album “Here For Jesus” on May 15th. The diverse, youthful group was borne out of Nashville Life Church (Sr. Pastors Alvin and CeCe (Winans) Love) and they have been described as a family of diverse singers, musicians who are known for it’s fun-filled melodies and powerful worship. Their debut song “My God,” was a radio favorite and solidified their arrival onto the music scene.  Their current single “Sing A Song (Part 2)” features 2019 Dove Awards New Artist of the Year Aaron Cole.

How would you all describe your musical style?

Our musical style is a representation of our congregation and includes influences from Gospel, Rock and Pop music.  Most recently, we’ve been inspired by the music of the 70’s and our upcoming album features styles from Earth, Wind & Fire, Andrae Crouch and the Bee Gees.  You will hear a range of styles on the album and the video (Sing A Song) also captures that retro feel.

What is you all creative process like?

Our creative process changes from day to day, but it’s mostly collaborative among the team members as much as possible. Alvin Love and I do most of the songwriting and creative brainstorming. We all go to the same church; and songs and ideas often come from worship moments.

What was you all favorite artist growing up?

This is hard to choose! But I mostly listened to gospel music growing up, artists like Fred Hammond and John P. Kee.  I also really enjoyed jazz pianists like Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Russell Ferrante of the Yellow Jackets.

What inspires you all song writing?

Our songwriting is inspired by the stories and testimonies from our church family.  Since we have church services every week, we challenge ourselves to write for them as much as we can.  We use them in our services, if our church enjoys the song and it glorifies God, it’s a success!

Nashville Life Music_PR Image 1

How do you all feel about the internet in the music business?

I’m thankful that God can use any resource to spread the gospel around the world.  While methods and distribution models change for sharing music.  The goal is the same, to inspire people to commit their lives to Jesus.  We are glad we can reach the whole world beyond the typical four walls with this message.

Any upcoming projects coming up that you would like to share with readers?

We have been releasing singles for the past few months.  While gearing up for our new album “Here For Jesus” to be released this summer.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

People would be surprised to hear that our single “Sing A Song”, was mostly written over text messages and not in person.

Nashville Life Music_PR Image 2

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would like to visit Capetown, South Africa or the Fuji islands.

What’s a random hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never have?

I would like to try gardening.

What must be seen or experienced in person to really appreciate it?

Our praise parties on Sunday morning!

Who is someone that has impacted your life or helped you become who you are?

My pastors Alvin and CeCe (Winans) Love have had an immeasurable impact on my life and ministry.  Most of all, I credit my parents for sacrificing so much for my brother and I to pursue our callings and dreams.


How can fans keep in contact with you on social media?

You can find us on social media by searching for @nashvillelifemusic or visiting our website .


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