Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With Designer and Boutique Owner Shatava Lindsey.

Shatava Lindsey is a stylist, clothing designer and boutique owner. She is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and located in Atlanta, Georgia. She has appeared on OWN TV Ready To Love Season One. Her boutique has been open going on four years and she likes to travel.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started OURGLASS out of a true need.  Before I started the brand, I would spend hours trying to find clothes to fit me, because of my figure.  After growing completely frustrated, I sought to create a fashion brand where women of all sizes could purchase clothing items and feel confident about their purchase.  The vision of OURGLASS came about, because I wanted to create my own unique brand.  Utilizing quality fabrics for custom wear and the need to find flattering clothing items for boutique wear that would fit a woman like no other.  The name OURGLASS came from the concept of looking at every woman’s figure as their “Glass”.  So in essence, My Glass (referring to my figure), Your Glass (referring to another woman’s figure), OURGLASS – referring to the Figures of all women.

For a first-time buyer, what shirt or items would you recommend to purchase from your website?

Since it’s Spring and the weather is nice, I would recommend my ladies to start with a nice maxi dress.  They are so comfortable, cute and perfect for this amazing weather.  Maxi dresses, especially those with bold colors and prints are perfect to style up for a wedding, a date night or simply a day on the town.  You can never go wrong with the perfect maxi dress.

What is unique about your clothing?

What’s unique about OURGLASS is that we offer a selection of custom and boutique clothing items.  Overall, my brand aims at celebrating the sexy and unique make-up of a woman no matter what size! We aim to supply women with varying body types with clothing that fit to perfection.  We also pride ourselves in creating a brand aimed at making a woman feel confident in her unique figure.

How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?

The OURGLASS woman is fierce and demands attention with her fashion forward styles.  She is an independent go getter, always seeking to dominate her field.  The OURGLASS woman ranges in age, however has a great deal of understanding of quality in fashion and her overall lifestyle.  She embraces her curves, loves herself and takes every opportunity to smile, because she is confident in who she is.

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How has your life changed since you appeared on Ready To Love?

Life since Ready to Love has been great.  I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with some incredible people.  The overwhelming amount of love I have received is mind blowing.  I appreciate every single person for their kind words about my involvement in the show.

What do you want your supporters to know about you?

I want my supporters to know that I am a die-hard entrepreneur, that has a goal of making sure women feel more confident in who they are.  Whether that’s through fashion, encouraging words or lending a helping hand.  Women are so powerful! We are trend setters, multi-taskers, girl bosses, protectors, game changers…you name it.  Together and through numbers, we can change the world!

What are your three favorite items in your closet?

Leggings. you can never go wrong with a nice pair of leggings.  They can be paired with so many other unique clothing items.  Leggings are definitely my go to.  A nice pair of black heels.  Black heels are a staple and can be worn with so many solids and bold prints.  If you can’t figure out what shoes to wear, you can never go wrong with a nice black chic heel.  Stylish handbag, the handbag is a women’s must.  Not only does it complete an outfit, it can completely change an overall look.  If you have on something plain, grab a pop color handbag and watch your look transform.  The handbag can definitely be a nice conversation piece.

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If you could go back and relive one year from your childhood, which year would it be and why?

Maybe not my childhood, but I would relive the day I left home to go off to college.  This is the day I became truly independent.  In my head, it was time for me to learn to make it on my own.  Very powerful day for me, I have not looked back since.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been/traveled to?

Jamaica! I love the weather, vibes and people there.

What’s the single most important thing you have done in your life?

Start my business.  A lot of people talk about simply starting.  I am so grateful that I made that next step to get started.  From my business start, I have been able to grow and learn so much.

If you could find out three things about the future of your life, what would you want to find out?

Honestly, I’d rather be surprised, but if I had to think of three: How successful did I turn out to be? Did all my hard work pay off? Did I make a change for my future generations?

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How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Be sure to check out my website: .  You can follow my personal social pages: @iamshatava .  As well as my business social pages: @shopourglass .


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