Living With Sickle Cell Anemia with Abisola Oladapo.

Story told by Abisola Oladapo, she explains how she deals with Sickle Cell Anemia.

In nearly 36 years of living with Sickle Cell one of the first things that I believed, helped me cope with the condition is ACCEPTANCE.  I accepted from a younger age that I have the condition, but it will never stop me from living the life I want to live.

I take care of myself very well I and walk around with my bottle of water.  Take my medication religiously, prior to becoming a mother I used to sleep like 10 hours a night. After being a mother I have to adjust my sleep pattern.  I go to sleep when my child goes to sleep to make sure I get maximum sleep and rest.

POSTIVE ATTITUDE, even when I am going through the worst times in my life I always think that it could be worse.  I think about my childhood in Africa where we couldn’t afford good health care, so I had to wait out the crisis at home with basic over the counter painkillers.

Overall, I just do everything to make sure that I don’t do the DON’TS of sickle cell.  That’s how I’ve managed my condition and enjoy my life by doing everything in moderation.


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  1. This was powerfully stated. This experience is nothing I would want for my self. I only know one person who has it and that is my good friend Abner III, who I really admire. He has shown me strength when i was have doubts , but thru him I became stronger.


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