Shout Out Sunday. Interview with DJ New Era.

DJ New Era has set himself apart from the typical nightclub disc jockey.  He is known for to get the club jumping as well as hosting corporate events at some of the largest retail stores in the world. MAC, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and DSW, just to name a few.  DJ New Era is based in a small town in Alabama, The Heavy Hitters immediately noticed his talent and wanted his affiliation with the group of well-known DJs in the nation.  The events in Alabama do not jump unless DJ New Era is behind the 1’s and 2’s.  He DJs for every major concert in West Alabama.  Some including Boosie, Webbie and Foxx.  He is also the official DJ for the University of Alabama.  DJ New Era is the definition of a “Heavy Hitter”.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

I was inspired by DJ Drama & DJ Funk Master Flex.  Drama played a major role when it came to my mixtape catalog.  I grew up on Gangsta Grill mixtapes.  Flex inspired me on the level of being a radio DJ.  Flex is a great DJ!!!

Explain to readers how it feels to be the official DJ of the University of Alabama?

Well I’m the official DJ for the University of Alabama (University Programs Department). This area handles all student activities.  I’m hands on with all the student events #UAWHATSUP.

What makes your sound different than other DJ’s?

I just do me!! I don’t have a playlist when I DJ.  I freestyle my entire set.  I create the sound based on the crowd.  I don’t play for myself.  I take risk on a lot of records!!!

Artist you would like to work with?

I would like to work with Big Sean, LiL’Kim, Gucci Mane & Charlie Wilson.

Tell everyone about the Bulletproof Baby Radio and how they can listen to it?

This show is based out of Melbourne, Australlia and its with my homie SandraDBaby. She gives me the chance to turn the hell up and play anything I want.  Make sure you follow her on IG @SandraDBaby.  This station is AM Based.

What is your best memory as a DJ?

The day I became a member of The Heavy Hitter DJs.  This goal of mine was well worth the wait.  To be amongst members such as DJ Enuff, DJ Quiz, DJ E Feely, DJ Infamous, DJ Camilo, DJ Bay By and the list goes on.  I truly am a witness of God’s power.

Any upcoming projects coming up that you would like to share with everyone?

I’m working on my second album titled “We All In” this project features artist that I’ve worked with throughout my career.

If you could go back and pick a different profession, what would you choose?

I wouldn’t go back. I’m so focused on my career as an entertainer.  I don’t have a plan B. I’ve learned if you have a plan B you can’t focus on plan A.  I love what I do and God has showed me in so many ways this is my calling!!!

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to travel overseas and tear down some EDM festivals or clubs.

Who in your life do you admire the most?

I admire my dad the most.  Watching my dad go to work seven days a week sometime just to provide for the family help mold me into the man I am today.

Three words to describe you?

Humble, Talented and Hungry!!

How can fans keep in contact with you?

FaceBook @TheDjNewEra Instagram @TheDjNewEra


Dj New Era Pic 2Screenshot_20180923-173747_InstagramScreenshot_20180923-174051_Instagram


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