Shout Out Sunday

Mike Styles is a booking agent with 18 year’s experience based out of New York City.  He is the owner of The Mike Styles Company.  The Image Developing & Casting Company that Change Lives Sometimes, a picture really does say a thousand words.  With the images and videos from the Mike Styles Company, your portfolio will instantly stand out as you try to land that big gig that will set you down the path to fame.  Throughout Mike’s 16 years of experience in branding talent with his images, casting opportunities and guidance, he has built up connections with the entertainment industry, magazine publishers and editors, music video directors, television networks, entertainment moguls and more.  Mike’s strikingly beautiful images, his tremendous amount of knowledge in this field of entertainment has changed the lives of many up-and-coming young stars.  His eye for talent and beauty are captured perfectly in every photo or video that comes out of the Mike Styles Company. Mike’s work has graced television networks like NBC, MTV, VH1, Fuse TV and BET. He’s been a casting director on many movie sets, including State of Play with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe.  He’s formed partnerships with companies like Verizon and Six Flags, and many national publications across the country.  Through all this experience, Mike has become trusted by his peers in the industry for his eye for recognizing and guiding talent and capturing it in photographs and video.  He’s a go-to source for celebrities like 50 Cent, with whom Mike has worked on many occasions.  Mike has even become known on an international level, having been sought out by the BBC TV Network to talk about his expertise in photography, castings, branding and discovering talent. Reporters from the UK came all the way to specifically, to speak to Mike to benefit from his expertise on the hip hop model industry. You have what it takes to become a star; you just need a way to set yourself apart from the competition.  The Mike Styles Company will provide you with the outstanding photos and video reels you need to stand out.


You can follow him on Instagram @mikestylesagent.


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