Working Woman Wednesday

Sheena Herod is an Author and Film Producer from Memphis, Tennessee.  She has written two books, “Good Touch Bad Touch” and “A Boys Silent Cry.”  In 2011 she started Tapoo Productions for the purpose of opening doors for up and coming producers, filmmakers and editors.  Providing them with valuable experiences enabling them to thrive in the industry.  Sheena wanted to increase awareness regarding child Screenshot_20180724-200010Screenshot_20180724-200116Screenshot_20180724-200204molestation and decided to launch Broken Silence, a nonprofit organization that serves to give children and parents an outlet to discuss child abuse, molestation, and preventative measures.  She has made a grave impact with Broken Silence while engaging with not only her community, but with children and abuse victims nationwide. Sheena Herod is becoming a household name across the south in both the film and entertainment industry.  She recently left Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Los Angeles, California.  She continues to utilize her passion while opening doors and creating opportunities for aspiring talent.  Her philanthropic efforts go far from unnoticed as her movements are continuously recognized by both community and industry leaders. You can follow her on Instagram @iamsheshe.


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