Working Woman Wednesday. 10 Questions With R&B Singer K Victoria.

I would describe my musical style as…

R&B, Pop Soul, with eclectic influences, sometimes mirroring Caribbean rhythms. 

My creative process is like…

Carefree.  I can write a song from a melody in my head or start with chords on the piano.  I also work well with producers, like just listening to their track and creating what comes to me or even collaborating with other writers.  It really depends on the situation.

My favorite artist growing up was…

Aaliyah, I appreciated her individuality and effortless style.  Lauryn Hill, because of her artistry.  Whitney Houston is my all-time favorite vocalist.

My dream venue to perform at would be…

The Hollywood Bowl.  I live in L.A., so this really stands out to me as a milestone to accomplish.

My long-term music goal is…

To establish a financially lucrative thriving business.  To share authentically and fully develop content possible of my creative capacity.  To continue to inspire others, especially young women and women in general. 

My favorite movie is….

The Hurricane, The Temptations and Lion King.

My favorite childhood memory is…

Wow, I have had so many.  I guess I would say when I first won my first pageant as Miss Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen, when I was 16.   Here’s why, I’m from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and the competition was in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Many of my family members and friends flew over and were in the audience and celebrated with me.  It was just an amazing moment of shock, fun, celebration and love. 

I spend way too much money on…

Food, I loveeee to order in! I try to eat healthy, but I would rather Postmates deliver it.

The three apps I can’t live without are…

Instagram, The Bible App and WhatsApp (not necessarily in that order, lol).

The greatest invention ever created is…

Mankind and I mean that! 

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

@iamkvictoria on Instagram and Twitter.  @Iamkvic on Tiktok.


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