Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Tikima Bowers”

Tikima Bowers is located in South Carolina and embarked towards modeling and acting as a teenager. She has booked some major gigs as it relates to the film, television and modeling. Today, she is still on the scene moving and shaking, not just in the entertainment industry but as an entrepreneur. She currently operates her own insurance broker agency, Tikima Bowers Agency. Her hobbies include traveling, yoga, reading and eating foreign foods. 

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

I am grateful and I feel really honored.

What inspired you to become a model?

It’s been my passion ever since I could remember.  I love beauty, I love fashion and I love taking pictures.  It’s a form of expression and allows me to be free. 

What three things do you need to be successful as a model?

Personality, confidence and the ability to handle criticism and rejection. 

Which insecurity would shock people if they knew about it?

Feeling self-doubt, I am super hard on myself.  Sometimes, maybe, too hard on myself. 

Do you like exercising or lifting weights?

Honestly, I don’t enjoy either one.  Since I am consistently on the go, I do cardio. 

How many times have you been published?


Personal chef or Live-in maid?

Personal chef.

Disney World or the beach?


Do you believe religious beliefs matter in a relationship?

Absolutely! I am a believer in Jesus the Christ and before I even enter into a relationship with anyone, it’s one of my first questions.  It’s an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it’s needed.  I can’t see myself dating anyone who doesn’t believe in God, it would only lead to debates and arguments.  However, I would never want to push my religious beliefs on anyone and vice versa. 

What is the most amount of money, you would lend your best friend with no questions asked?

I don’t lend money, those types of situations end friendships.  If I extend a helping hand, I don’t expect anything back. 

What’s one thing you must experience at once in life?


What is a habit that you have been trying to quit, but haven’t been able to?


If you died tomorrow, what would you want people to remember about you?

I want people to remember me as one of the most inspirational women who walked the face of this earth. 

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Instagram: http://www.instagram/forevertikima.  Twitter: @forevertikima.


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