Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “The Only Kay”

Kay is a model and actress from Oakland, California. She has been modeling for over eight years and a producer at GBATTV, a Bay Area broadcasting network. Since the age of 15, she had a passion of being in front of the camera, expressing emotion that others can not only sense, but also relate to. 

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

To be selected as one of the Abners Angels, feels like a huge honor.  I take pride in providing excellent presentation of my craft and am thankful when it is recognized and appreciated.

What inspired you to become a model?

Being diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 14, many changes came with my appearance, including my self-esteem.  After countless days and nights of consistent self-care (exercise, healthy heating and mental clarity), I made the decision to stand in place for all of the other women with Lupus struggling to accept themselves.

Which supermodels did you look up to when you first started your modeling career?

Tiana Parker.

What do you think the sexiest part of your body is?

I believe the sexiest part of my body are my lips.

Do you like exercising or lifting weights?

Yes, I enjoy cardio, strength training and swimming.  My preference is any form of outdoor exercise, such as hiking or running. 

What are three things you like about your appearance?

My petite size, my facial structure (jawline, nose, etc.) and my hair texture.

What smell brings back great memories?

Certain perfumes from Bath & Body Works will give me a nostalgic feeling and any food that I grew up eating as a child.

If you could wake up tomorrow, having gained any quality or ability, what would it be?

It would be the ability to speak to a large mass of people with no fear, delivering messages that truly reach the heart and make changes within our community.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


What three words do you want to define your 2022 experience?

True love, wealth and spiritual maturity.

What are the top three places you need to see before you die?

Africa, Jamaica and Australia. 

What must be seen or experienced in person to really appreciate it?

Death.  Most people don’t consider death until they lose someone they love.  You must experience it to gain respect for when it takes place in other people lives.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

@imtheonlykay on Instagram.


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