Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Recording Artists Brandon Lewis and Jessica Ray.

MIME Records recording artists Brandon Lewis releases his highly anticipated duet featuring his label mate Jessica Ray simply titled “Back In Love.”  Both having just released numerous songs over the summer, Brandon couldn’t wait to release this timeless single that will be soon be this generation’s iconic duo. While so many songs are about breakups, this song gives listeners truth and wisdom about love. “I have a lot of fear for the lovers of the next generation,” Brandon sings. Back in Love is a duet for lovers, “Instead of falling back, we fall back in love,” the duo sang over the Blac Elvis-produced record. The music video was directed by Brandon and tells the story of two consenting lovers realizing they’re meant to be together.  “Back In Love” is now available on all streaming platforms.

How did you all discover your passion for music?

Jessica: It was two things for me that made me aware of my passion.  First was seeing Michael Jackson’s concert in Bucharest on VHS (lol) when I was younger.  Thinking to myself how entertained I was, the feeling I got from watching it, how I wanted to know what it took to put that entire show together.  Especially from musical start point, hearing the chord changes and how they created emotion which every hit, riff or even silence.  The next time I was made aware of my passion for music was how I was able to make people feel when I first started performing.  The look in their eyes, the memories I could tell I would bring, that special person I made them think about, the fun they were having.  It all made sense for me and didn’t take me long to realize this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Brandon: Honestly, it was the moment that I realized music saved my life.  I felt compelled to give it my all in return. 

Artist you all would like to do a song with?

Jessica: Of course BEYONCE (who doesn’t right?).  Chris Brown is a must! Normani and H.E.R (her music is insane).

Brandon:  I would love to work with Ari Lenox, Pharrell Williams, Jhene Aiko, Snoh Aalegra and Jorja Smith to name a few.  

What would be you all dream venue to perform at?

Jessica: Madison Square Garden, Mercedes Benz Stadium and honestly I’d blessed to perform in any venue where people have come to see me entertain.

Brandon: Halftime during the Super Bowl at that stadium.

What are your music goals for 2021?

Jessica: Touring both in the states and international, Top 100 Charts, #1 on the Billboards, streaming and moving even more units and connecting more with fans.

Brandon: My 2021 music goals are to put out as much quality content as possible and continue to grow and engage with my fans. 

Any other upcoming projects you would like to share with readers?

Jessica: I’m currently have a song entitled “Fingertips” out and streaming everywhere.  Along with my Christmas Ep “A Christmas Vibe” streaming everywhere.

Brandon: Be on the lookout for a concept EP project sometime in the first half of 2021.

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what album is it?

Jessica: I can’t, so many.  Although I love ALL of MJ’s records, I would have to say the Thriller album, because my all time favorite song is Human Nature.  However, Beyoncé’s Album Lemonade would be a close second.

Brandon: Maxwell Embrya album.

What album had the biggest impact on you as a teenager?

Jessica: That’s a tough one, but I would have to go with Aaliyah’s self-titled album released in 2001. 

Brandon: Michael Jackson Off The Wall album.

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Jessica: Salmon, Ice Cream and Kettle Chips.

Brandon: Chicken, vegetables and cereal. 

What is the most memorable present Santa has ever brought you?

Jessica: A parrot.

Brandon: A toy piano.

What is a song that will always remind you of a specific person, moment or feeling?

Jessica:  Sail On by the Commodores.

Brandon: Anita Baker- Caught Up in the Rapture.

What is the one book or movie that made you change your point of view on a subject?

Jessica: Honestly almost any book or movie that deals on race.  I had a particular picture, a naive, rosy colored picture of what society looked like.  It wasn’t until I got older, started paying attention to the message of certain movies and seeing the parallel.  Much more real and harsh version in real life that woke me up to what was truly going on around me.  Not in a hatred way but, definitely in more of an aware educated way. 

Brandon: Movie-The Pursuit of Happiness.  Book-The Alchemist. 

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Jessica: They can follow me on all social media platforms, mainly Facebook (Jessica Ray Online), Twitter and Instagram (@iamjessica_ray).

Brandon: Website:  Instagram: @brandonlewismusic .  Facebook: Twitter:


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