Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Miss Sosa”

Leslye was born and raised in Dominican Republic and she is now located in Miami, Florida. She is the middle child out of seven children. She is 22 years old, started modeling when she was younger, she stopped and just start taking it seriously last year. She loves reading any type of book that catches her eye.  She likes seeing the sunrises, sunset, experience different cultures, when it comes to food, music, dance and art. She can speak English and Spanish and knows sign language. Her biggest goal is to be able to travel and be hands own with helping communities in need. Start her own nonprofit to raise money and give back, to have a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves. Most of all to show others who are suffering inside that they too can turn their life around. 

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

It’s truly and honor to be selected as one of the Abners Angels.  It means I am going in the right direction and I can be able to continue to share my story with others and hopefully continue to inspire.

What made you become a model?

 To be honest my mom, she never forced it on me.  But she use to model and I know for a fact, if she continued she would have a different life.  She ended up choosing me and put her dreams aside.  Since I was little I loved the camera.  As I got older I would look at my mom’s modeling pictures, which inspired me to take on modeling for the both of us.

 Which supermodels did you look up to when you first started your modeling career?

Tyra Banks, I know most people look up to her.  Moving to America when I was younger she inspired me and taught me so much, especially with America Next Top Model.  My mother and I would watch that together.  What truly caught my eye from Tyra was that she never gave up on herself, no matter what the industry was telling her.

Lingerie or nude shoot?

I would do nude in a very sensual way.  Where I am not showing much, but just my body outline and keeping covered with my arms and curly hair.

What do you think your best physical feature is?

 I would say my smile.  Everyone always compliments me on my smile and tell me “Keep smiling, you have a beautiful smile”.  I agree my smile, it stands out the most.

What physical features do you get the most compliments on? What are you insecure about?

My smile is what I get the most compliments on.  I am very insecure about my body, I have always been since I was little.  Being to skinny, not liking how big my lips where or just how I looked in general.  I learned to love myself slowly, but I still have the days where I struggle most with like the way my body looks. I know I am beautiful, but I am not perfect.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Don’t have a favorite childhood toy.  I grew up mainly in Dominican Republic, where I didn’t have much.  I remember watching SpongeBob before bed and during the day I spent most of my time outside playing different game with the neighborhood friends.  For some reason I always loved running without my shoes.

If you could have any meal right now, what would it be?

It would be a big plate of rice and beans.  Made by my grandmother, plus avocado and the special eggplant sauce my aunt would make. Can’t forget a chocolate lava cake as well.

Where do you complete most of your online shopping?

I really don’t shop that much online, I like going to the store and seeing it on me.  How it fits and what it would look like.  But with COVID I started shopping on Instagram boutiques.

What makes you more upset than it should?

For me this is a hard question, because almost anything can make me upset.  I have such a big heart, I am an empath and I feel everything from humans to animals.  This is embarrassing to say, but one time I cried for a good hour because a lizard ran straight to my foot and died.  But I am big on harming animals, specially dog fighting, can’t stand it.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

The most embarrassing thing that has happen to me often is not making sense when I speak.  Especially when I am in the middle of a conversation and my brain decide to say it’s time to forget you ever learned English.  This can be very embarrassing, especially when meeting new people. 

What do you value most in life?

What I value most in life other than my family, but mainly my state of mind.  I only saying this because suffering with depression and anxiety.  My energy, my mindset, my surroundings is everything.  Mix an empath with depression, it’s not a good mix.  My big heart and act of kindness is what I am, but on the inside especially with my mindset.  If we on the good state of mind, we are good.  Once it’s gotten to the no good side, it’s very hard to get out of.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

I am the most active on Instagram @leslye_sosa.  I always make sure to reply to everyone and comments.  We are a community and nothing better like supporting each other.  I like to make sure that with those I cross path know they have an ear to vent to, a friend if they need or supporting their big wild dreams, I’ll be there.


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