Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With Trevi Pershay Productions Owner.

Trevi Pershay Productions was founded and is run by African American entrepreneur and philanthropist Trevi Pershay out of her hometown of New York City. Trevi Booker Pershay is a Writer, Director, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and critically acclaimed author of her book, A Different Type of Church Girl. She is coined as the Female Tyler Perry and creative visionary of Trevi Pershay Productions. Based on her life’s journey, she inspires others to turn their past experiences into purpose. Along with offering job security for minorities over the years, Trevi Perhsay’s company works to raise awareness and provide resources to support mental health.

Tell readers about your Trevi Pershay Productions and how long have you been in business for?

Trevi Pershay Productions is an independent black owned theater and production company that produces entertainment about our triumphs, pain, and victories in the black community. I founded myproduction company in 2004.

What are some of your goals for the future of Trevi Pershay Productions?

One of my goals is to produce great entertainment programs/shows that will bring families togetherlike the Cosby Show did for Black America. I want to write stories about mental health and secrets that we bury under the table, because it’s too painful to discuss. My goal is to bring content to the screen, so that after the program is over it leaves a discussion for the families. I have no desire to produce anything that promotes violence against one another. I will produce content that brings healthy relationships and healing to the homes of Black America.

What has been your greatest professional success and biggest setback?

When I started writing and producing plays in the church, I was always challenged on what I could say or write. My greatest success came when I no longer held my production within the church. People needed the honest truth to deal with their internal pain, the stipulations of the church became one of my greatest setbacks. With that being said, I decided to present my stage plays in theater. I had to trust God with this gift and not man. Once I made this decision, my audience grew beyond what I could imagine and so did my writing.

What has been the best feedback received after helping minorities now during COVID-19?

Trevi Pershay Productions not only helps minorities with employment opportunities, however we motivate others who may be going through a rough time mentally in dealing with COVID-19. There were times when I initiated a fundraiser to help some of the employees with food assistance, paying bills or even rent. We’re a brand that’s family motivated and my grandmother instilled in me that I have to play a big role in helping people in our village. Whether it’s a production, career opportunities, or fundraising events, here are a few heartwarming testimonials:

● Anthony Walker- Thank you for the opportunity. I admire your ambition and hustle. Thank you for introducing me to so many talented people as well. I have performed in front of my biggest audience to date. The memories we had will be with me forever.

● Lavon Collins- I’m internally thankful and externally I show love and appreciation for gaining family that is genuine and truly has each other back and route for each other success wholeheartily and even in our own respective journeys. When you receive that type of love that is God sent and its truly special to be part of and to you Trevi Pershay we are an extension of you queen.

● Janique Egerton- This was an amazing experience for me and I was scared and also frustrated at times, because I didn’t think I could do it but in the end you pushed me. Thankyou for this opportunity. I’ll never forget working together to help me to do great on stage. This was amazing.

● Chris Chase- Much love and positivity to you and everything you touch. I appreciate and love you for opening my eyes to a different world. The experience was valuable and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for welcoming me to your village, family and words. They will follow me wherever I go.

What do you want your supporters to know about you?

I want to save the world and I know that is impossible to do, because I am only one person. However, if I can create solutions to the challenges within my community, I know my work will positively impact someone’s life. I genuinely believe I have a purpose to fulfill before it’s my turn to exit. That assignment is to be a blessing and investment in the life of those that lost hope and help them find their way. I have programs that are in place to motivate youth and women in becoming great.

Name one thing you changed in your life since the pandemic started?

My life changed in this pandemic a great deal! I now work to conduct all business affairs remotely instead of being “on the go” to in person auditions, rehearsals, fittings, interviewing and employing great talent (models, creatives, etc.). I’ve learned the importance of family and how valuable they are to me. I’ve learned to slow down and make time for myself. My walk with God is even closer, because I’m just grateful to be alive.

What’s one of your favorite family traditions?

It would be sitting at the dinner table having family discussions. We are the type of family that has to take a bite of food prior to speaking, sharing a story, telling jokes, or discussing what’s on our hearts. It’s always been a tradition and it will continue to be.

What must be seen or experienced in person to really appreciate it?

Miracles, I am a miracle. I am a survivor of four suicide attempts, three strokes, two heart attacks, three car accidents and double pneumonia that kept me in the hospital for two months. After being diagnosed with pneumonia, I was transferred to a rehabilitation facility so that I could learn to walk and breathe on my own again. I am grateful and I truly appreciate life.

What is something about life that people don’t appreciate as much as they should?
Unlike the stereotype of cats, we only have one life. Life is a gift given to us from God and we should live it to the fullest by fulfilling our divine purpose. It is our mission to fulfill the calling of who, what and where we should be and what we are called to do. Be grateful for life and live it well.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Thank you for asking about my legacy! One day I had a conversation with my family asking them to do one thing for me when it’s my time to go to heaven. I want them to write on my tombstone: Trevi Pershay – The Purpose Pusher – she always believed in pushing others into their purpose.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Facebook: Trevi Booker Pershay, Trevi Pershay Productions. Instagram: Trevipershayproductions.


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