Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Actress & Producer Suzanne Coy.

Tell everyone how you were discovered and how your acting career started?

I graduated from the National Theatre School in Montreal (the Canadian Juilliard) and began a theatre show the following month playing an Anglo Indian in a musical. I joined the Characters Talent Agency after performing Shakespeare and a the monologue of The Lady in Red (where she describes her shell-shocked Vietnam vet (father of her children) dropping the two kids out the window to their death when she hesitated to marry him. After that dramatic scene we were both crying and she said I’d be honored to represent you. The next year I had a recurring role in police drama. I became known for doing anything ethnic West-Indian, East Indian, African, First Nation Spanish or Black American. I did hundreds of voices and had fun doing lots of animation.

What area would you like to improve in as an actress?

I would love to work with Ubisoft and explore the shooting style for games and virtual reality features which can be a combination of theatre and film with action. I also would love to get back into animation which I really love as I always enjoyed voice acting. Each role provides learning opportunities. If I’m playing a master fiddle player I have a huge opportunity to learn the fiddle, more importantly to walk in another’s shoes and expand my understanding of the human experience. I would like to learn to play the piano and sing.

What actor/actress would you like to work with in the future?

I would like to work with Will Smith, I admire how he shaped his career and challenged himself and moved into production. How he paid a top marketer to analyze the top 10 elements in blockbuster movies, then he went ahead and applied that as the secret formula to his successful producing of feature films. He moved beyond just being defined as a black man, he became just a great leading man; maybe that is why he chose alien movies, maybe that is when we go beyond race. When we have a common enemy, then there is no more black and white just humans against aliens. I dream of the day when humanity learns to celebrate difference and uphold unity in diversity. I would love to work with Nicole Kidman as I enjoyed working with her coach Susan Batson at her studio in New York. I went on to teach emotional embodiment as Batson lays out brilliantly in her brilliant book TRUTH: Personas, Needs and Flaws in the Art of Building Actors and Creating Characters. A great guide for all those who wish to pursue script analysis and acting.

Tell everyone about your producer background?

I started with writing, directing and producing children’s plays and sketches as a volunteer in community workshops across North America. When I was volunteering at the National Community Institute. I studied under the great community leader Omowale Satterwhite who, through civic engagement, created the black city of East Palo Alto! I was so inspired with how this incredible human enriched anyone who crossed his path, I made a short film that told his story. As a person that doesn’t really fit in to stereotypical roles I always knew I would need to create work. As a mentor of young talent I always found work for others and relished in connecting great people with other great people. It’s all about good energy and knowing how to create safe spaces to soar creatively. To produce you just need to be a person who gets it done no matter what.

Any upcoming projects coming up that you would like to share with readers?

In these times with the shadow of fear looming to capture our creative imaginations now more than ever it is a time to decide where we place our ‘Divine Attention’ and how we therefore shape the reality that we claim. In such tumultuous times with so many kids more that ever glued to a screen I am very proud to be part of a brand that offers parents a wonderful option in the vast sea of streams. Mission Bonita provides creative solutions to problem solving while thoroughly entertaining young audiences with extraordinary characters that seamlessly moves between a fantasy world and our everyday reality. It’s the magical school bus of emotional intelligence. Mission Bonita is releasing new episodes in our web series on August 15. Check out I am also producing a documentary series on Jamaica, featuring the influence of the illustrious ‘Miss Lou’ entitled WALK GOOD! I’m releasing a number of poems and comic sketches on YouTube that look at the gap between the ego and our true identity as soul.

Are you OCD about anything?

I prefer a clean house and to live in a welcoming space that feels like a temple. Self care, as in, spiritual and physical and energy medicine exercises. Clean eating, mostly organic gmo free, grass fed, gluten, diary free. Learning, growing, being 100 percent responsible and aware; that is a moment to moment thing, attempting to stay on the frequency of ‘wise, loving, kindness’ as opposed to grumpy butt radio.

What’s legal now, but probably won’t be in 20 years?

Glyphosate – (round up) used by all farmers except organic non-gmo farmers. This is the source of a growing deterioration of our human operating system. The other thing will be 5G and EMF’s as the true hidden cause of many illnesses.

What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Love’s display in all its splendorous expressions: the smile of a child, the smell of a flower, the glory of a mountain view, a surrendered heart, a welcoming hug, the joy of sincere service, a kindness performed without thought of reward the touch of God’s Presence. The only scary thing is to be too scared to live and too scared to die. To therefore forget the precious gift of this life and the creative opportunity to live your dream and be on purpose with how you came to serve.

What was your I need to do better with my finances moment?

Writing a business plan for my health business as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. I thought “I’ll never make money as my training cost $20,000 it will take forever to come out of the hole into profit”, then I realized that was ‘wrong thinking’. I can’t focus on that at all. Doctors out of medical school don’t focus on paying back students loans they just move forward with their practice. I have to just stay in the joy and honor of holding space for others to realign and the grounding and flow that is required for me to prepare to do that. So, basically take action and surrender in knowing all the goodness you want life wants for you but can only do it through you not for you.

When you’re old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

Kids right now ask me how to deal with feeling too much, how to release anger, how to deal with their own and other people’s emotions. Harold Klemp says, in life you choose one of three paths. The use of force or threat of force, lots of people choose this in their relating to others they choose power not love, our advertising does that pushing into our physic space. Our military, that is the left handed path of black magic, then there is the right handed path were you manipulate in a nice way. Your the nosey, do-gooder, you want to fix everything you want to save someone’s marriage more than they want to, you want to have influence to make things better you are still directing spirit. Then the third path (the one I wish to live) is the neutral path of the purified Soul. Where you can have an opinion, but don’t shove it upon others. It is the path of not being for or against anything. It is the path of moving beyond self imposed limitations and serving all life with love. I’m a recovering Empath, anyone ever had that condition (your aura is always collapsing or detaching) you have boundary issues, your SOO sensitive. Anyone feel too sensitive for the big bad world? You pick up on people’s thoughts and emotions and wear them. You take on karma. Just by looking at it, you imprint yourself, you let your creative imagination get captured. Scattered Attention, the veil between worlds doesn’t exist. It is a terrible thing, you are always loosing yourself. I call this syndrome ‘Velcro women’ you attract everyone’s sh*t to you’ This poem is for you.
She Stood
Ligaments tooo loose
Like her tooo open heart
Taking on all painful matter and wild fevered chatter (pull in motion) From minds, from hearts and earth in search (twirl in circle- arms out) of GOD Inside (arms to heart)
Looking out(arms stretch out and going down) for Approval
She Lay
Fetal bones crunch-innn
Way-tinn too beee-ginn
Flahhh-wer un-fol-din
To allow Soul’s song
HUU, huu, huu, huuu, huu, huu huuu
locked in fro-zenn hip bones
blocked energy is not protek-shun
DUH (laughing) its just Blocked energy
For only complete flow in a Living God I know
Keeps my frequency aligned, my heart unconfined, so I can be ME Another name for GOD, see
Her over-flexibility can cause injury,
Pretzel bending into outside points of view
Breaking her DNA –
heredity is just a fixed pattern in her way
like ice-cream cones, her baby-soft bones need reconstruction Shaping herself thru living spiritual laws into the form of Goddess So the Formless can express Radiance thru her every pore And many will adore her wild scent is a door for them to know more GOD In every issue they create, GOD will wait, for them to see their gift from fate And if it takes lifetimes, it’s never too late for ALL circumstance is just bait, to hook you into GOD
so, if everything is a mess it’s time to confess reee-sponsibilitee the ability to respond too – GOD
I got a crazy kind of notion that in every motion
GOD is like a LOVE and MERCY OCEAN moving me to Devotion Expressed thru thought, and word, and deed my only need GOD Is
Moving thru air and space and time and words and rhyme And…even the scene of a perceived crime can’t she-pah-rate me from UNITY, from consciousness, See
(though confusion clings to the illusion of hate and anger and fear) only GOD is here
All else passes by like dis(ease) when I over-extend and attempt to people please
Or think I don’t deserve, or seek to serve, anything
But the Mighty I, the part of us that can FLY
The part that doesn’t die, or ever was born
Not the body that we mourn when it turns to dust,
Not the emotions that we fear and trust,
Not the mind that can bind us to the limits of logic and reason With churning thoughts that bring only treason
I speak of that which dwells within…Gitche Manidoo, Hashem, Chukouuee, Yahweh, Christ, Buddah, Shakuru, The Dao, Chi, Ki, Allah, La Ilaha illa Hu, Sat Nam, Sat Sri akal, Bahhula, Krishna, MahWoo, Sugmad, ECK,
Mahanta, WahZ, Shiva, Shakti, God, Goddess,
The spark, the fire, the True desire to express – the Abundance IT IS We are…like shining stars emitting light, let your dreams take flight We are…like radio stations, our thoughts effect all nations We all communicate telepathically
What you think is already on the brink
Of creation…see.

What person of history, dead or alive, would you want to spend the day with?

Milarepa, Pythagorus, Shamus Tabriz all three incredible spiritual giants I would love to spend the day with.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

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• Preview link to book: The Case of the Ballerina and Her Missing Best Friend
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