Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Actor Alexander Mulzac from OWN TV Ambitions.

Interview by Nickeyia McCain

Who is Alexander Mulzac?

An evolving human constantly curating my craft.  I’m an individualist, an artist, an activist and a lover of self-expression.  Lastly, a man of West Indian and American Black Culture.

Describe yourself as a young boy?

As a young boy I was curious, lovable, friendly and more than a little mischievous.  I regretfully surrendered some of that naiveté as a tried to fit in when I moved from Antigua to New York at 10 years old.

At what point in your life did you want to pursue acting?

As a boy, I was constantly enamored with films.  I performed in school plays as a kid and received a lot of positive feedback, but never looked into it as a serious calling.  In the 80s representation of POC in TV and film was sorely disproportionate.  It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I rediscovered my love for performance again.  I was approached by a classmate and asked to audition for a student production.  I got the part and that was that as they say.  It’s been a humbling, terrifying and yet a beautiful grind.


Can you share something about yourself to fans that no one knows?

I make nerd culture look cool (joking).  I love all things Dragonball and I’m a basketball head.

I hear you’re a part of “The Seven Collective” who give back to underserving and foster children throughout the city of New York. How did you come to be a part of such a great cause? Is there any other philanthropy work you do?

I met some really interesting human beings and artists at City College of New York and we sort of all gravitated towards each other in this very spiritual and organic way.  We were young men who had similar perspectives on art, literature and societal ideologies.  We all shared a deep appreciation of theatre and wanted to create something that reflected, not only us, but people of our cultures in the NY theatrical landscape.  One of our founding tenets was to reach our NY underserved communities.  By assisting organizations invested in Arts education and create a fun curriculum where our youth can see themselves represented in the Arts.

You are a part of one of the biggest shows on OWN “Ambitions.” How do you feel about that?

My time on the show and with the staff from OWN was an amazing experience.  I’m incredibly grateful for it and ready to create another cherished TV/ film experience and character on my journey.


What are your thoughts on the inhuman treatment we see towards African American men by police officers?

Tupac’s line, “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me,” is the first thing that comes to mind as blood shed continues by the hands of the police and vigilante citizens.  I stand in solidarity with all my nation’s brother’s and sister’s who have had to endure these clear injustices and brutality for too long.  The energy of upheaval we are experiencing nationwide is necessary to combat the ugliest side of law enforcement.  Radical reform is needed and it’s up to us to demand it.  Peaceful protest and rebellion are not the only formulas for success, in a system that constantly reminds us we are not in equity with the people who control the margins and monopolize the center.  We must continually educate ourselves to plan for wealth in a capitalistic system, so we can influence the design of capitalism to our specific needs as people of color.

What advice would you give a struggling actor?

No one enjoys the financial hardships during this journey, but it forces you to become resourceful.  Constantly mine for avenues where you can make a decent wage, as you walk a road of self-discovery through your craft.  The very best of us are always confronting ourselves about how we feel and what we think about everything! It’s tiresome, but extremely rewarding.  The journey is always within and the external benefits follow.  It sounds cliche, but you really find out who you are through this journey.  It’s about constant self discovery.

During quarantine, have you learned anything about yourself you weren’t aware of before?

It’s crucial to create a space for my emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, no matter what and how mightily those influence my perspectives and choices at the world around me.  I also learned a couple of dishes to add to the culinary repertoire.

Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?

Sincerely regarded by my peers as one of the most honest, captivating, impactful and open artists to ever do it.  I see myself having an established career that provides security and opportunity for generations following.  Additionally, using my platform to share and connect with my community.  Thirdly, running a production business to help bring people’s stories to fruition.


How can fans keep in contact with you on social media?

Instagram @alexandermulzac and Twitter: @alexandermulzac .


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