Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Viva”

Viva is a model for Miles Modeling Agency and she has been modeling for eight months. She is an R&B artist and hopefully will get some content out for everyone to enjoy. She is also a professional dancer for Madhouse Dance studio and has performed with multiple artists around the country. No matter where she goes, she’s always repping her city Atlanta. She is an ATLien.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

It’s an honor to be recognized and considered for such a position.  I honestly keep to myself in my own little bubble, working and grinding towards my goals.  There are definite times when you work so hard to feel like you haven’t achieved much.  Being able to have someone ask me, how I’m succeeding in the work I’m doing is a dream.

What made you become a model?

The moment I step into the world of fashion and flare.  Being as young as six years old, I’ve always had a passion for beautiful things and seeing the beauty in everything and anything.  I knew that I wanted to be apart of that world.  You could say the TV series “America’s Next Top Model”, prepped me for the unknown world I was going to face.

What’s the best perk of being a model?

The best perk of being a model is inspiring people to want to create or apply the same style into their life.  I haven’t always felt beautiful or confident in my life.  When I would wear certain pieces, such as a cute pair of shoes or even a sparkling earring, it made me feel like I could take on anything.  It made me feel like I was in control of my beauty and setting my own standard of beauty.

What part of your body gets the most compliments?

The body part that gets the most attention is definitely my face.  I say this, because of the fact that no one seems to be able to know my national, but they always try to figure it out.  I love being able to have such a diverse look and proudly represent so many different nationalities in my bloodline.


What is your most memorable modeling moment?

When I walked my first runway at the Met in Atlanta, with my very good friend Shreya Patel.  She was the designer for these beautiful dresses we got to walk in.  I truly felt like I was living one of my many fantasies and I didn’t want to wake up.

How do you maintain your figure?

By eating clean since I’m vegetarian and dancing with my amazing dance company, Madhouse.  I also try to work out at the gym at least three times a week.

Favorite food and restaurant?

My favorite food is definitely Pho.  I love Vietnamese soup that makes me feel warm and cozy on a rainy day.  The best spot is definitely one that has numbers in the name, such as 575 Bistro located in Kennesaw, Georgia.


What’s your favorite part on a man’s body?

Honestly, I’m celibate for 2020.  So I don’t even pay attention anymore.

Which insecurity would shock people if they knew about it?

It’s crazy, but I’ve always been insecure about the lower half of my body.  Being called slim thick would seem like a huge compliment and for the most part I’ve learned to love it.  Back in the day it didn’t make me feel beautiful.  It made me feel disproportionate compared to other models that had a petite frame.

What is the craziest gift you ever have received?

Being surprised to go on a trip to Florida, that same night on my birthday.  I hate surprises, but it definitely was a sweet gesture.

What’s the most important thing you learned from your parents?

The most important thing I learned from my parents is to stay strong and never underestimate yourself.  I’ve went through a lot of situations in my life that have made me question my dreams and my capabilities.  At the end of day, I know how hard I’ve worked and I know I can have anything if I work hard enough for it.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

If anyone wants to follow my journey as a model/singer/ dancer/ veggie enthusiast, follow me on Instagram: @vivalabreannas or Snapchat: @morganbradle .


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