Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With Fashion Designer Rashida J. Brown.

Interview by Kimberly King

What makes RJB apparel different from other brands?

RJB Apparel inspires, educates and uplifts girls and women.  By providing apparel and footwear so that they can complement and celebrate the true beauty that lies within.  The brand believes that fashion should not overshadow the beauty of the wearer, rather it should enhance it.

Describe the type of clothing that consumers can find?

Consumers can find apparel, swimwear, shoes, bowties and etc.

What inspired you to make a brand for girls and women?

Well what inspired me to make a brand for girls and women of all sizes is one plus size women are looked down upon.  Everyone deserves to get the same respect regardless of their size.  Women and girls need to know that all sizes matter and everyone is beautiful regardless of if they a size 0 or a size 12.  Even smaller size women are looked down upon as well, which brings a lot of girls and women to have self-esteem issues and feel like they are not worth it.  But we all are worth it no matter what our size and nationality is.  The empowerment and uplifting is needed for women and young girls.


How does your brand build Godly confidence within girls and women?

My brand provides products to uplift and inspire women and girls to love who they are.

How would you describe your style as a child?

Honestly, growing up as a child up into my teen years, my style was not what I would say now was fashionable at all.  I was a tomboy and did not like dressing up at all.

What is your earliest memory of being exposed to fashion?

I was exposed to fashion during my teenage years.


How did you develop your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion has always been there since I was younger, but I really didn’t get serious about it until I was around the age of 16.

Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?

This is a very hard question, because there are quite of few individuals I look up to in the fashion industry.  There is an international designer that inspires me, his name is Justin Haynes and his brand is Jus10h.  I love that his brand is out of the box and different.  His creativity is everything and his clothing is more of the modern vintage style and I love me some vintage.  He is an amazing designer though.  I love a lot of the designers in my hometown Dallas, Texas, as well.  I will not go into listing every single person that inspires me in the industry, but shoutout to everyone doing great things in the fashion industry.  Nothing but greatness all of 2020.

What do you want people to think when they see your clothing?

When people not only see my clothing, but actually wear it.  I want them to know that they are beautiful no matter there size and nationality.  My brand is all about building up girls and women self-confidence.  When they put on my clothing I want them to feel a greater level of confidence in themselves.


Where can people find your brand?

Instagram: @rjbapparel .  Facebook: rjb apparel . Website: . Twitter: @i_amrashida .


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