AbnerJ3 Top Five players of this decade

1. LeBron James.

The eight consecutive finals appearances make him number one on my list. He is still one of the top three player in the league in his 16th year. I feel like he should have won more championships in Miami and the first year against GS Love and Irving was hurt.

2. Kevin Durant

One of the best scorers in NBA history and he finally win two championships. I didn’t agree with the move to GS, especially when OKC had gotten Victor Oladipo and Domantis Sabonis in the offseason. Durant will probably retire as top 15-20 player of all time. If he would have beaten Miami in the Finals when he was with OKC, I may have put him number one.

3. Stephen Curry

The greatest shooter of this century and probably best ever in NBA history. Curry changed the game and have big men living and dying by the three. So many Warrior fans jump on their bandwagon when they start winning and his team set the regular season with a 73-9 record. That team lost the Finals, but still a big accomplishment. If he could learn how to become a two way player and play defense, this man would be even more unstoppable.

4. James Harden

When OKC decided to keep Serge Ibaka and let Harden go, I figured he would average around 20-22 points. I was wrong and probably most of us. This man has average 35 points or more the last two seasons. Always an all around player who can play defense when he tries. He has choked a few times in the playoffs, I would love to see him in the NBA Finals again. A scoring machine and possibly greatest scorer of this decade.

5. Russell Westbrook

Three years of averaging a triple double will probably never be done again in this lifetime. I never imagined Russell would become this good. He would be even more unstoppable if he had a better shot selection and developed a consistent three point shot. The greatest rebounding guard of this generation.



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