Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Alicia Renee”

Alicia is from the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been modeling since she was a kid and she always loved the camera. She likes taking pictures and hanging out with friends.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

It feels great to be selected as a Abners Angels, because I love answering questions and placing my opinion on a lot of situations.

Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?

I always wanted to be a model.  I love taking pictures, so I just started modeling more often.  I love fashion also.

What do you think you look the sexiest in?

A big t-shirt with high knee socks.

What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

My favorite attribute about myself is my face symmetry and height.


What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?

Beautiful memories by Tyia, because she is very professional and her shows create hospitality.

What’s one of your proudest moments in your career?

Being a special guest at a concert, it was so lit.

What’s the first thing you look for in a significant other?

The first thing I look at in a significant other is their loyalty and personality.

What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Being able to be myself and what scares me is bugs.


What was your worst first (and last) date?

I really don’t do relationships, so I never really been on a date .

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

I fell off a bike in front of a large crowd .

What is one thing that brings a smile to your face, no matter the time of day?

My grandma, because she influenced me to embrace my beauty and be myself no matter what.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Follow me on Instagram : @cold_alicia .


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