Working Woman Wednesday. 15 Questions With Meelah from 702 and R&B Divas: Atlanta.

Kameelah Williams is a singer and songwriter who got her start as the lead singer of the famous Motown 90’s trio: “702”.  They made their recording debut on Subway’s hit single “This Lil’ Game We Play”.  The group’s first album was entitled: “No Doubt” and soared to #1 on the charts.  After their third album 702 decided to go in different directions.  This opened the door for Kameelah Williams to make her own mark on the world.  Since that time, Williams has: Collaborated with Missy Elliott on the song “Take Away” on Missy’s “Miss E” album, co-wrote songs on Faith Evans “Faithfully” album. Was featured on the song “Cool” on Snoop Dog’s “Ego Trippin” and co-wrote “On and On” on Macy Gray’s release “The Sellout”.  Meelah is a proud mother now, has been featured on R&B Divas: Atlanta, working on solo projects and gotten back with 702 as of last year.  Meelah discusses her career, likes and the upcoming Black Music Honors.

My favorite artist growing up was…

New Edition and Whitney Houston.  That was my early years.

Who or what inspired me to become an artist…

Whitney Houston.  Artists like Shanice, Aretha Franklin, everybody that sings pretty much.  I saw them with a microphone in their hand, I felt like I can do it.  I was in love with Lalah Hathaway and of course Ms. Anita Baker.

The first job I ever booked as a singer was…

When I was a little girl at a track meet, I sung the national anthem.  I was around 10 years old.

My dream venue to perform at would be…

Broadway.  I would like to do some Musical theatre on Broadway.

Performing at the Black Music Honors will be…

Magical.  To be paying tribute and respects to Xscape, is humbling.


The artist/group I’m looking forward to seeing at the Black Music Honors is…

Freddie Jackson, I grew up on Freddie Jackson.  My girls Xscape and Yolanda Adams. Pretty much everybody that’s there.  Everybody that’s there is there for a reason, that means that they are excellent.  I’m looking forward to seeing all my peers and all those that inspired me.  I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of iconic status in there I’m excited to see, the living legends.

If I wasn’t a music artist, I would be a…


The Song On My iPod That Would Surprise People Is…

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.  That is my jam.

My favorite vacation spot is…

United Kingdom, I love London.

The memory I keep going back to is…

The day I found out I was having a boy.


My favorite meal to eat on the road is…

French fries.

My hidden talent is…

Not really a talent, I’m double jointed.

Disney world or the beach?

The beach.

Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Personal Chef.


I want to be remembered for…

Remaining humble and kind to people.

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

Itsmeelah on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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