Hugh Holcomb Shares His Story for World Sickle Cell Day.

After years of hearing doctors saying how long I might live or how I might be deceased at this age, I am sharing my Sickle Cell testimony 47 years later.  I truly believe I lasted this long by fighting to live.  Living with Sickle Cell Anemia is very painful and depressing at times, to the point many give up the will to fight.


I’ve watched so many die because of the lack of support, empathy and no one understanding the pain we go through during a sickle cell crisis.  All Sickle Cell patients are different, but we all share the same pain.  I advocate to let the younger and older generation know to never give up.  They call us Sickle Cell Strong and Warriors for a reason.


With the new technology on Sickle Cell, Stem Cell Or Bone Morrow Transplant, I encourage all to ask their hematologists if they qualify for this procedure.  It’s really worth the try.  If not take care of your body, remember the power of prayers do still work.


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