Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Director Ashley Moultrie.

Ashley Moultrie is a director at Brother Films.  She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  She likes writing, videography and has been in the entertainment industry for almost four years now.

What made you pursue film making?

I became interested in film about three years ago.  My fiancé was into films, asked me to help a lot with filming and going over scripts.  While helping him I fell in love with being behind the camera and recording.  That grew into creating different short films and it has been a great ride ever since.

Tell everyone about your upcoming film Not My Favorite Christmas.

Not My Favorite Christmas is a phenomenal holiday comedy.  It’s about a guy named Malcolm that is an internet influencer and people think that he has money.  He always wears suits and is flashy, but he’s really broke.  Him and his roommate Jay are at risk of being evicted on Christmas Day if they don’t come up with the rent money.  In the mean time, while going through this Malcolm has a best friend Melissa that actually likes him. He puts her in friend zone.  So they go through this day with some obstacles, you can watch the film to find out what he does and how things work out in the end.

This film is about the magic of Christmas and bringing everyone together which is what Christmas time is all about.  Malcolm is played by actor and internet influencer Antoine Morgan, who was the perfect fit for this part.  He’s super talented and I’ve seen him play roles from serious, to hood films, to comedy, to thriller and suspense.  I mean there isn’t a role he can’t play.  He was actually the creator behind the idea of this film.  When he came to me with the idea I couldn’t say no and I knew that he had to be in it.  He also assisted with directing to ensure that his vision came to life.  When I say he is a multitalented keep watching out for him, because he has a huge career ahead of him on and off the screen.

Melissa is played by WNBA player Renee Montgomery.  She is absolutely stunning and is so dedicated.  One of her goals when she finishes playing is to act.  She’s doing tons of projects now and we were blessed to have her come on board.  She is so talented and absolutely played the heck out of the role of Melissa.  Her drive and the fire in her, she definitely has a great future in this industry.

Jay was played by Anthony Urda, who is a new comer to the acting world.  He is so funny and just did a fantastic job.  This role was a great fit for him and he nailed it on every scene.  The entire cast was phenomenal.  We had so much fun making this film and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.


Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute in order to become a successful film maker?

Not at all, it definitely helps and is a great start.  Don’t get me wrong, however there are a lot of actors, directors and producers that did not go to the film institute and have thriving careers.  There are many roads to get to your destination, you just have to find the one that is best for you.

What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

“Pursuit of Happiness”.  The message in the film is so powerful.  Life has many obstacles and when trying to achieve a big goal or big dream you will have to fight through it.  If you stay focused and stay on course success is at the end of that road.  If you don’t run into road blocks and have some trials and tribulations then your dream isn’t big enough.  Big dreams come with big coats, but they also yield big rewards.  Never give up.

What is the shortcut to grab audience with the short films?

There isn’t really a shortcut.  It’s going to take hard work, marketing and planning. However, I think it’s important to work with known actors or celebrities, because they grab the attention on the audience quick.  People look at films first, because of who’s in them.  After that you have to have good quality and amazing editors to create a great promotional material.

Any other upcoming projects you would like to share with readers?

Yes, I’m super excited for my film “Beneath the Media”.  It’s in post production right now with a plan to drop in February 2019.  My team and I are also planning to grow and expand.  We are planning to film in Hollywood at the beginning of next year.  We have made some great connections out there and want to keep building.  We are planning to do a film for kids and cross into animation so I’m very excited about that.

Where would you like to see your directing career at in the next five years?

In the next five years I will be directing full length features.  My goal and I’m going to speak it.  I will be directing alongside some of the top producers and film makers in the industry within the next five years.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Brown Sugar.  Sanaa Lathan is one of my favorite actors.  Very talented and I just loved her in this.


Favorite food?

I’m from up north, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be exact.  We have a huge Italian community so I am a big pizza girl.  I love good pizza not just any pizza, but good real Italian pizza.

What movie do you wish life was more like?

This is a hard question, because in all films there is a twist to it.  It’s like I’ll take the beginning of some movies, the end, but gotta leave all the stuff in the middle.  If I have to pick I would say Black Panther.  The film was great, but it’s the technology in the film that I would love for the world to have.  The ability to cure and heal people within hours is something I wish we had in the world.  There are so many people sick, dying, cancers, being killed and we aren’t able to help them with the medicine we have.  So that type of technology would be ideal.

What’s the best prank you can play on someone?

I have to admit I’m not huge on pranks.  My best prank would be to tell my fiancé that Universal is going to pick up our film.  He has big dreams and goals.  Would be packing and ready to go quick, because he would be super excited.  I would wait until we got to the airport and then tell him that it was a prank.

Who would be the worst celebrity to have dinner with?

Nikki Minaj.  I would hate to have dinner with her, because I just don’t think I could take her serious.  The whole Barbie thing I just wouldn’t be able to do it.


What makes you special and unique?

I’m able to do a lot of things that other people can’t do.  I catch on very quickly and learn new things fast with no problem.  So my ability to be flexible and adjust quickly without hesitation would be what makes me unique.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram @Ashley_Moultrie.


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