Shout Out Sunday. Audio Interview With Actress, Author and Producer Cherie Johnson.

Cherie Johnson is an American actress, author, columnist, executive producer, producer, and writer. Johnson first rose to fame at age six when she appeared on Punky Brewster as the fictional character Cherie and the show aired from 1984-1988 in first-run syndication on NBC.  Punky Brewster later expanded into a cartoon series titled It’s Punky Brewster, which she contributed her voice for Little Cherie and it aired from 1985-1987 on NBC.  One of her most recognized acting roles is in Family Matters where she co-starred as the character Maxine and the show aired from 1989-1997 on ABC and on CBS from 1997-1998.  With 215 episodes, Family Matters is the third longest-running U.S. sitcom with a predominantly African American cast. She has consistently acted, appeared, co-produced, produced, and sang on projects and has co-written, written, and self-published books including Around the World Twice, Two Different Walks of Life, and Peaches & Cream. Johnson has been nominated and won several awards including the Young Artist Award, Award of Excellence by the National Association of Youth in Entertainment, Opulece Humanitarian Award, and the Readers Choice Award by African American on The Move Book Club. You can follow her online @cheriejohnson75 on Instagram, Cherie Johnson on Facebook and





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