Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Nicole Sade”

Nicole Sade’ was born in Jacksonville, Florida and currently resides in Macon, Georgia.  She has been published in two magazines thus far.  She works in the medical field as a medical assistant and a brand ambassador for an upcoming clothing company. Modeling is a stress reliever for Nicole and helped boost her confidence in beauty and fashion.

How does it feel to have been chosen as a Abners Angels?

I feel honored to have been chosen as an Abners Angel.  I love that fact that my work is actually being noticed!

Was there anyone that influenced you to become a model?

My work mom Kimberly O’Neal was the one who convinced me to follow my dreams in modeling.  It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

What’s the best modeling advice given to you?

The best advice I was given was to never lose focus and never give up!

Is modeling a easy job or harder than most people think?

Modeling is not as easy as it looks.  It takes time dedication and money.  It really has to be your passion to become a successful model.

What is one person you would love to work with?

One person I would love to work with in the music industry would be Lil Boosie, he has always been my favorite music icon.  In the fashion industry I would love to work with Keyshia Ka’oir!

Three words your best friends would use to describe you?

Three words my best friend would use to describe me are passionate, hard working and kind hearted.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

When I was little I always dreamed of becoming a criminal lawyer.  I switched paths and received my Associates Degree in the medical field.



What are some of your favorite designers or stores?

My favorite designers are Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

One thing people who don’t know me would be surprised that I have two kids ages six and three.  People tell me all the time my body is not built like I have any kids, lol.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

One thing every women should try at least once in their life is following their dreams and true passion.  Not what working a 9-5, but something they actually enjoying doing even if its just a side hustle.  No dream is too big or too small!

What beauty products you can’t live without?

There is no beauty products I can’t live without, because I believe in natural true beauty!

How can readers keep in contact with you on social media?

Readers can keep in contact with me on IG @thenicolesade or my booking email for events, music videos, etc.  is thenicolesade@yahoo.com.



Michael Martin is her photographer, his Instagram is @mike1stimpression.


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