Living With Breast Cancer with Keishawn Knight

At the age of 31, two days after losing my dad to colon cancer, I was diagnosed with stage 2 and stage 3 Breast cancer.  September 6, 2017 not instantly changed my life, I immediately knew I had to TRUST GOD.  After watching my mom and sister (both deceased from ovarian cancer) go through chemotherapy and the surgery.  I knew the side effects of chemotherapy would take a hit on my body and I was going to have good and bad days.

My treatment plan consisted of 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and 28 radiation treatments.  During chemotherapy I didn’t experience the nausea or vomiting as others, but I did have body aches, blurry vision and intense headaches.  Even during my hardest days, I TRUSTED GOD! He knew the plans he had for my life.  April 19th, 2018 I was losing my breast.  Not only was I losing my breast, I was losing the opportunity of ever having a chance to breastfeed if I was to have a child (That bonding time).  Then after agreeing to 28 radiation treatments, my faith was tested many days and I wanted to give up.  My skin was sensitive, I couldn’t be in the sun, going to treatment Monday-Friday was difficult, but faith got me through it.

HOW did I get through it? I’ve built a closer relationship with God, remained positive, and kept my faith! Sometimes challenges or circumstances happen to build and help us become who God wants us to be.  After losing many family members to Cancer, I did everything in my power to survive.  I listened to my doctors , stayed dehydrated, exercised and listen to my body.  The key to going through treatments is letting your body rest.  Give your body time to heal.  Also, try to do something you like to do.  I enjoy food, so I went on lunch dates every Friday with friends.  It helps me feel normal.

My goal is to continue to promote early detection and spread breast cancer awareness, not only in October but everyday.  I want to inspire, empower, and motivate others to not only take your health serious, but to know your current situation is not your destiny. You will get through it!

“I live to INSPIRE ONE LIFE at a time!”-Keishawn



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