Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Shabria”

Shabria, also known as Bria was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  She did some professional modeling as a child but took the modeling world into her own hands at the age of 20.  Shabria works in information technology department for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  In her free time she shoots and edit videos, hoping to soon have a full-time career in video broadcasting with modeling on the side.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

It feels amazing! I’m so honored I was selected.

Was there anyone that influenced you to become a model?

My cousin Shasha, she is a professional model in LA.  She has always encouraged me to be a model and I’ve looked up to her for as long as I can remember.  I have her to thank for giving me the 411 on the do’s and don’ts of the industry and the dark side of modeling that isn’t often talked about.  She taught me pretty much everything to beware of in the modeling world.

What are the main challenges in modeling today?

The main challenges in modeling today would have to be accepting your looks and being confident.  I know that sounds cliché, but you have no idea how bad that can break you down if you’re not prepared.  You have to already be happy with who YOU are, because the modeling world will constantly make you feel like you’re not good enough.  You have to be ready to be told you’re too big, too small, too tall, too short.  I’m going to be honest, that can hurt like hell sometimes.  Things that you never considered to be a flaw will be pointed out.  I don’t say this to discourage anybody, but you have to be secure with yourself before you decide to model for anyone.

What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?

My favorite shoot honestly would have to be a shoot I did back last year with a student at the art institute and a makeup artist I worked with in a previous shoot (@deckedoutbeauty).  Believe It or not, this shoot was my favorite because it was the first shoot I did that broke my mold.  I looked totally different and was taken out of my element.  That moment changed my entire modeling career.  I’m grateful for that photo shoot, it taught me a valuable lesson and made me love myself more.

What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

My greatest weakness as a model, currently is diversifying my portfolio.  Starting out as a model I told myself I would never do “this and that”.  I restricted myself of so many things because I was obsessed with this cookie cutter image I wanted to portray.  To put it in simpler terms I was afraid to be a DIFFERENT me.  I had a certain way I carry myself at shoots, I controlled my makeup, hair and wardrobe.  Until I was faced with a shoot about a year ago that broke that mold.  My hair wasn’t styled how “I” would style it.  My makeup wasn’t how “I” would do It.  My wardrobe wasn’t something “I” wouldn’t wear.  The angles/poses was something “I” wouldn’t do.  I had to have that shoot happen to realize as a model you’re someone else’s work, let yourself be free, lose the image you’re forcing on yourself.

What’s one thing that defines who you are?

One thing that defines who I am is the ability to motivate myself.  I’m my biggest competition and critic, I’m always pushing myself.  From the time I was old enough to understand what goals are, I have been making sure I get what I’m working for by any means.  If I fail, like anybody else I have my moment of defeat, but I pick up the pieces and build again until I’m where I wanted myself to be.

Your favorite vacation spot?

I love a nice beach! I’d have to say Santa Monica, California.

Three words to describe you?

Kindhearted, humble and levelheaded.

Picnic in the park or dinner at a restaurant?

I’m sorry, as much as I LOVE the idea of picnicking in the Park.  Atlanta weather + bugs is an automatic no for me.  Restaurant for me please!

Bowling or Miniature Golf?

Bowling! I’m a beast if my nails aren’t done lol.

What’s the scariest thing you ever done?

The scariest thing I’ve ever done would have to be jet-skiing for the first time.  Laugh all you want but I can’t swim, I was sure I was going to fall off the jet ski and drown!

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media.

I’m very active on my Instagram & Twitter! My name is @justcallmebria on both accounts.

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