Working Woman Wednesday

Angel LoveScreenshot_20180710-204844~2Screenshot_20180710-204713~2Screenshot_20180710-205031~2 is a multifaceted registered nurse that many have grown to love from the VH1 Network reality series Basketball Wives. She is from New Orleans, Louisiana and has appeared in music videos for Kanye West and Rick Ross. Before she appeared on Basketball Wives she graduated with dual degrees and completed her BSN. Angel has been a registered nurse for the past 10 years and often talked to her coworkers about creating a new innovating functional uniforms for nurses. Angel believed since scrubs are apart of the weekly wardrobe that they should be trendy, stylish and comfortability. Angel made that vision a reality in 2014 when she founded Life Angels. Life Angels was designed to recreate the plain, boring, uncomfortable uniform medical apparel to more of a fashion forward, glamorous, new improved uniform apparel line. Angel chose the name “LIFE ANGELS” because she believed in order to save a life; you must be an Angel so why not be a Life Angel. You can follow her on Instagram @iloveangel2.


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