Shoutout Sunday. Interview with #Sneakerheads Clothing Line.

Tell readers about your Sneakerhead Clothing Line and how long have you been in business for?

#Sneakerheads Clothing Line has been established since 2010 & we specialize in the HOTTEST Exclusive Custom Laces, Tees and Sneaker Accessories to go with your kicks!!!

How did you come up with the idea for the custom shoelaces?

After college at Grambling State University and having the opportunity to play basketball overseas I was back in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. I was trying to figure what I wanted to do in the sneaker culture to change the game besides having a sneaker shop and God gave me the vision!!!

What shoe laces would you recommend on your site for a new customer?

All our laces are the best quality, but our most popular laces are our “Elephant Print” Custom Laces and our “Leather” Custom Laces!!!

What are the positive and negative effects, the shoe game has had on your business?

The positive is the influence we contribute to the culture and the people we meet and have work with throughout the years.  The negative is the normal in any business and that is trusting people and working with people sometimes.

Are any of your clothing or shoelaces being sold at any other stores or only your website?

Yes, the brand is currently in 9 different sneaker boutiques throughout the nation and we have a deal with Finishline.

What current items are your best sellers?

Our Elephant Print Custom Laces is the best seller!!!

What do you feel separate your clothes and products from others?

All our products are Top Notch Quality and no other brand is messing with our QUALITY and our design!!!

Do you feel like you have achieved all your goals as a business owner?

No, never I never feel like all my goals are achieved so me and my team we stay hungry to keep growing the brand. Keep bringing the best quality custom laces and sneaker accessories to go with your kicks!!!

If you could only wear four pairs of sneakers for a year, which would you choose and why?

1. I’m from Milwaukee, WI so a fresh pair of Nike Air Force 1 Lows aka “Dookies” is what we call them.

2. Air Jordan 1 Hi OG which is my favorite Jordan’s!

3. Nike Air Force 270 are new and dope

4. Air Jordan III Retro “Black Cement” go with anything at all times.


Check us out at

YouTube Channel:

Instagram: @sneakerheads_clothing_line

Twitter: @repmilwaukee414



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