Shout Out Sunday

Mario J. Hicks was born and raised in Sanford and attended Seminole County Public Schools.  His grandfather was a taxi cab owner and prominent business man from the Goldsboro community.  Which later led to Mario purchasing his first tow truck and opening Off the Chain Towing in 2008.  Mario is currently running for District 2 Commissioner in Sanford, Florida.  At the Annual TowMan Award Ceremony in Baltimore, Mario received the Tow Man of the Year award for the past 3 years and counting.  After achieving these milestones in his career, the vision went back to where it all started, the communityvotemariotruck. Mario wanted to show his love and appreciation to his community and the City of Sanford.  Mario’s philanthropy includes giving away over $80,000 of healthy Juices, $40,000 of fresh vegetables, providing linen and bedding to those in need, coaching a AAU football and a little league baseball team.  His service efforts have helped daycares, homeless, and local mission’s in Sanford.  Mario intends to represent the people, help his constituents, and educate the public.  He feels it is very important to inform the people about the issues and what the city commission intends to do or has done. Y ou can follow him on Instagram at mario_hicks_.


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