Working Woman Wednesday

Shynieka Taylor is New Jersey native living in Atlanta, GA. She has her own show called MadTalkin that she created and produces. She is a alumni of the Ween (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) Academy, a program for women of color to spark a change. She appeared in her first film called Sustained in 2017 and received IMDb for her role. She has appeared via Skype a few times on TMZ Live. This Delaware State graduate is also an activist and is a name that you will remember. I seen her start as a intern and start her own company. I don’t consider her competition, I consider her a friend and someone I look up to in media. She pushed me to start my own website, if you haven’t seen her yet you will see her soon on TV that’s a promise.

Go follow her on Instagram @sweetnika @madtalkin. Her personal website is

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