Celebrity Photographer that started his MQM Brand.

MarQuest is a International Celebrity Photographer. He has been a photographer for 12 years. With that experience he was able to start the MQM brand now based out of Florida. Through years of hard work MQ and team has toured and traveled internationally shooting some of social media’s most influential people. MQM is not only a brand but it’s a lifestyle through the eyes of a legendary extraordinary photographer.

Tell readers about your MQM website and when did it start?

Well, MQM started about one year ago. In March 2017 was our launch date and now we have over 100k views.

Tell us about the MQM models and how often do you all go to major events?

Our leading models for our brand is @MichelleGame and @KristenLive – We also represent other talents and also male talents but we will be having a lot more events this year since the launching of our brand. We have been focusing on building to where we are now.
Do you think Instagram models and websites have had a negative impact on magazine sales?

NO IG models are the BOMB! Send them ALL to us at www.MQMLife.com/Contact    No I don’t think websites are making a negative impact, but helping with marketing and advertising. Some of my models are making over $10k per month on sales.

How do you search for or discover talent for your magazine/website?

Social media but clients / new faces submit to us on a daily (We don’t know where they come from sometimes lol).

Any advice would you give someone trying to become a full-time model.

To become a full time model you need 5 STEPS : (Stay in Shape, Stay promoting/networking, build with a team, be consistent, and get a WEBSITE).

If you wasn’t in the modeling/photography business what would you be doing?

Music full-time

If you could do a photo-shoot anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why.

Greece and Africa! So much history and culture in these beautiful places.

Is there anything you would like people to know about you?


What are the most common misconceptions about you?

Hmmm. Being black is a misconceptions and looking too YOUNG lol….People can feel insecure when your an attractive photographer or you can either TURN them on lol

Is there any model on your roster/website you feel that has all the characteristics to become one of the top models in the game?

www.MichelleGame.com and www.KristenLive.com

  they are both on reality TV and also spokesmodels.



How can readers keep in contact with you on social media?

@MQMLife our female photographer Wakina @MQMStudios or our website www.mqmlife.com


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