Working Woman Wednesday. 10 Questions With Actress Natasha Eli.

Who or what inspired you to become an actor…

My biggest inspiration to date was Whitney Houston, she was my first girl rush superhero who possessed black girl magic.  Her voice blessed my life and I aspired to be like her when I grew up.  I didn’t have many, but my mom was and is still the most resilient woman I know.  She inspires me as well outside of the industry.

The main challenges in acting today are….

Picking and choosing projects and directors to work with. In the industry there are people who take advantage of your love for the craft, because it’s a passion.  Once people know you have that passion.  It isn’t all about the money for you and that can be misconstrued.

If I could be in any Broadway show, it would be…

Any Broadway show, GREASE.  I LOVE that era.

The most challenging part of bringing a script to life is…

Is doing her justice for the visionary.  I always think of my character as a birth and I literally build her from childhood on up.  I think about her past, possibly her family.  Then I think of who she would be today and I bring her to life.  The director can tweak her, but for the most part ” I AM HER”.

The advice I have for kids who want to be actors/actresses is…

To stay the course.  It’s never too late, even if you are talented and maybe a natural.  Take workshops and classes to perfect your craft.  The most important and the most simple “Practice characters that are in your head in the mirror” bring them out.  It builds character (literally and figuratively).

The three apps I can’t live without are…

Instagram, Apple Music and Tile.

My perfect date would be…

Somewhere on a beach with someone unique.  Someone funny, someone who is humble and not caught up in the hype.

The greatest invention ever created is…


The memory I keep going back to is…

Are the times when feel good music actually felt good in your soul and lit up a household.  From gospel to blues.

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

Instagram @thenatashaeli. Catch me on Amazon Prime on Surviving America on B.E.T and F.U.B.U. Network “ON TEN” the series( Mannrobinson Production).  On Tubi in “Keeping Secrets” tellallinc and about Face Media Production and currently filming Happy Endings with director Jibril Haynes and Kim Newsome.


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