Shout Out Sunday. 10 Questions With Singer/Songwriter Talasia.

Born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Talasia is a natural born singer. As a young girl, Talasia accompanied her mother to the studio where she frequently recorded original music. After years of singing in Abundant Life Worship Center’s choir, the “Rejoice” singer was inspired to write her own music, but feared that her music was unsuitable for gospel due to its unconventional lyrical and melodic style. With her gift, Talasia introduces God to nonbelievers and helps fellow Christians strengthen their connection to him. Talasia performed at the Maranatha Rhema Awards in June. During the award show held at the Plays & Players Theater in Philadelphia, the rising vocalist won Gospel Song of the Year and Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year for “Everybody Gon See.”  

The first job I ever booked as a singer was…

A wedding gig I believe. 

I would describe my musical style as…

Unique.  It’s literally whatever I feel or want to convey at that specific moment.  The style of sound could be anything. 

My dream venue to perform at would be…

A sold-out Wells Fargo Center or Madison Square Garden. 

The main challenges in music today are…

The music industry is so over saturated. There are so many talented and gifted people who need and deserve to be heard. 

The artist/group I’m looking forward to seeing at the Avidity Awards is..

I legit have a list, lol.  I’m so excited to see my fam (Robyn McGhee, The Agape Music Group, La’Kea Stokes) and meeting new people as well! 

If I wasn’t a music artist, I would be a….

Probably doing what I’m doing now.  Working in Corporate America, CEO of my personal clothing business and serving in ministry. 

Life would be boring without…

God, music, food and fashion, lol.

My favorite TV show of all time is…


The greatest invention ever created is…

Air fryer.

What keeps me going in these turbulent times is…

Understanding my purpose, gotta keep going! No other choice! 

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

Facebook: Talasia Music 

YouTube: Talasia Music 

Instagram: @talasiamusic 

Twitter: @talasiamusic 

TikTok: @talasiamusic


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