Working Woman Wednesday. 10 Questions With Artist Bella Blaq.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist…

For a long time, I felt like I didn’t have a voice.  My life kind of pushed into my music.  I started in the church and it went from there.

The main challenges in music today are…

Knowing that you can’t skip steps, you can’t look at that as a challenge though.  It’s more of a lesson.  Personally, being dark skin in the industry I’ve seen a lot of different challenges but that’s another story for another day.

Three producers I want to work with are…

Timbland, J. Cole and DJ Dahi. 

My favorite rapper growing up was…

Missy Elliot.

The song I would perform at the BET Awards would be….

Oh my God.  Drowning is a song I would perform.

The Song On My iPod That Would Surprise People Is…

Let Her Go by Passenger.

My favorite vacation spot is…

The Cayman Islands.

My perfect date would be…

Anything with real effort, I’m not hard to please.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is…

I’m afraid of heights.

The memory I keep going back to is…

Knowing where I come from and knowing I can’t go back.

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

@Thebellablaq on Instragram and bellablaq on TikTok.


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