Shout Out Sunday. 10 Questions With Artist & Composer Dirty White.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist

My mom, my grandma and my friends. I gained huge inspiration from the artists that I listened to as a teenager and decided to become a rapper around the age 13 or 14. I also grew up singing in church and playing piano for services.  Shout out to my management team, Sean Bonner and Anthony Burkett, as well as miss Tara Thomas and Miss Lily.  They inspire me to create and be creative on a daily basis.

I would describe my musical style as…

Probably, Trap Soul.  If I had to say one specific genre above others. Honestly, my style is very much a mix of genres, it’s hard to pin me down into one lane.  I can do acoustic stuff, I can do jazz, I can do rap, I can do rock and even some metal.

Artist I would like to perform with or do a duet with…

Silk Sonic, Maxwell, Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, Yellow Wolf, Rick Ross and Brent Fiyaz, to name a few!  I already had the blessing of collaborating with J-Stylz, that’s been a phenomenal time, he’s super talented and I’m honored to work with him.

The main challenges in music today are…

Its the over saturation of the market.  Everyone has a video camera, everyone has a microphone, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if you don’t have an extraordinary routine and a team like mines behind you.

My goal I hope to accomplish this year…

Release a whole bunch of amazing new music, go on tour and start putting money in the bank to save for house.  I have an incredible team behind me, we have been working very hard to make all these things happen and I’m super proud of how far we have come.

If I wasn’t a music artist, I would be a….

Dead man.

My favorite movie is….

The Dark Knight.  I find The Joker’s gradual descent into madness and incredible metaphor for the stress and commercialism we deal with on a daily basis as humans.  May we all find peace and solace.

The Song On My iPod That Would Surprise People Is…

Guardians of Asgard by Amon Amarth.  Metal is definitely one of my biggest genres in my playlist currently.

The skill I would like to master is…

Sport bike trick riding.  It’s always been a dream of mine, but I’ve never had the time to get into it.

The greatest invention ever created is…

The studio.  Thank goodness for all the hard work that technicians have put in over the years creating software and products that enable us to make incredible music.  Shout out to CBT studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, as well.

Everyone can keep in contact with him on social media:

Please everyone give me a follow @dirtyfwhite on all platforms.  On Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, Pandora, Deezer, etc.  Finally, thank you so much for this incredible opportunity.  I hope everyone who reads this gets a chance to go check out my music and hopefully you gain a blessing from it.  Thank you so much.


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