One of the Most Anticipated Coasters of 2022, SeaWorld’s ALL-NEW Ice Breaker, Now Open to the Public

The moment that SeaWorld guests have been waiting for is finally here as one of the most anticipated coasters of 2022 is now open to the public, the ALL-NEW Ice Breaker.  The coaster opened today commemorated with a special ceremony featuring the breaking of an ice ribbon, in keeping with the ride’s Arctic theme. SeaWorld Orlando, voted the best amusement park in the country by USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice poll in 2021, features the most coasters in a single theme park in Orlando. 

Named after the icy Arctic summits, Ice Breaker features four airtime filled launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida – a 93 feet tall spike with 100-degree angle.  The thrills continue as riders fly over a near vertical tophat maneuver into a series of exciting twists, turns and airtime hills.  The brand-new coaster is located across from the park’s Wild Arctic exhibit and complimented by the popular themed Glacier Bar and Altitude Burger.

“Our Annual Pass Members had an exclusive opportunity to preview the ride prior to opening and the feedback is fantastic!,” said Park President Kyle Miller.  “Ice Breaker is a one-of-a-kind thrill ride which complements our existing exhilarating ride portfolio perfectly.  With the opening of Ice Breaker, SeaWorld features the most coasters in a single theme park in Orlando and we are excited to introduce the rest of our guests to this highly anticipated coaster today.”

Reflecting the company’s commitment to conservation, SeaWorld welcomed Tara Riemer, President and CEO of the Alaska SeaLife Center to the grand opening.  Primarily dedicated to marine research, education and wildlife response, the Alaska SeaLife Center mission matches closely to SeaWorld Orlando’s, making them a perfect conservation partner to help educate riders about the Artic and its inhabitants.

“The Alaska SeaLife Center is excited to expand our partnership with SeaWorld.  This new collaboration will enhance our mission to share Arctic and sub-Arctic rescue and conservation stories with the public, especially SeaWorld visitors,” said Tara L. Riemer, President and CEO of the Alaska SeaLife Center.  “For many years, SeaWorld has been a devoted supporter of the Center’s Wildlife Response program and has assisted the Center with incredible animal rescues including Aku the walrus and Tyonek the beluga whale.  This close collaboration is possible because the Alaska SeaLife Center and SeaWorld both meet the exceptionally high accreditation standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, meaning that care of rescued and resident animals is second to none.” 

The best way to experience the ALL-NEW Ice Breaker is with a SeaWorld Annual Pass.  Annual Pass Members enjoy 12 months of visits with special benefits like free parking, free guest tickets, access to special VIP events, savings on merchandise and more! Annual Passes start as low as $13/month with no down payment.  Restrictions apply.

For more information, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit

SeaWorld Orlando’s first launch coaster, Ice Breaker, opened to the public on February 18.

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