Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Photographer Melody Carson.

What made you become a photographer?

My deep love for capturing the essence of what I feel is beauty.  I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old my mom bought me my first disposable camera.  She was driving in South Georgia and I begged her to pull over so I could take a picture of this field of wild flowers.  She couldn’t understand why or see what I saw as a kid, but she allowed me to take my images.  From that moment on, I haven’t stopped since.

What are your favorite things to photograph?

I would probably say that my favorite thing to photograph are nature and wildlife.  I absolutely love God’s creation.  You can spend as much time as you want photographing and most importantly you capture nature in its most raw and beautiful form. 

What is your favorite photograph and why?

Hands down, it’s this black and white image that I took a few years ago of my grandmother who at the time was 92, she has since past.  I feel it’s my favorite photo, because it was one of those candid shots but truly told a story.  That image represents a precious moment that I wish I could have again, but is a great reminder of the time we shared and the wonderful woman that she was. 

What’s your favorite social media platform for your brand?

Instagram is my favorite platform.  I think it has truly evolved into so much from where it started.  You can do so many fun and cool things with it. 

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shoots?

I like the versatility of both, but I tend to lean more towards outdoors for sure.  What is a more beautiful backdrop than creation?

What’s the most underrated Disney movie?

I’m going to tell my age with this one, “Honey I Shrunk The Kids.”  It was made in the 80’s and the graphics weren’t what they are now of course, but that movie was awesome. 

What’s the one ingredient you will always ask to be removed from a dish?

Raw onions.  If onions are cooked in something I can tolerate it, but raw onions no thank you! Haha.

What’s your go to candy for the movie theater?

Whoppers, best candy EVER!

Name something that a lot of people like, but you can’t stand?

This is probably going to me get beat up, lol, but I do not like dressing.  I don’t care how you spin it, chicken dressing, turkey dressing, vegan dressing.  It’s not for me. 

What is something about life that people don’t appreciate as much as they should?

I once heard this quote when I was younger and it always stuck with me through the years which says “I once cried because I didn’t have any shoes until I met a man with no feet.“  A lot of the times, people will complain about what they don’t have instead of looking at what they currently possess.  Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture and be thankful for what we do have. 

What’s one thing you have accomplished in 2021 that you’re proud of?

The amazing Angela Watts of @ragtradeatlanta, @10squared gave me the opportunity of being a photographer for Atlanta Fashion Week.  That was a major accomplishment for me. I had the privilege to meet amazing designers such as Lisa Nicole Cloud of @lisanicolecollection, Octavius Terry of @octaviusmarsion, Reco Chapple of @houseofchapple, the dynamic duo Taj Crutch and Archie Clay of @wearbrims, Tracy Nicole of @tracynicoleclothing, Sylvia Mollie of @sylviamollie, Okey Nwoke of @eze and @viericheparis.  That was truly a humbling experience for sure. 

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

They can reach out to me on my Instagram page @melodycarsonphotography for all of their photography needs. I would love to meet them and potentially work with them in the future.


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