Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Rosai”

Alicia is commonly known as Rosai is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is 22 and been doing modeling since around the age of 17. She is into editorial modeling and creative photos and loves to do it all. Modeling is her passion and she does a lot such as hair, makeup and wardrobe. She has even designed and created some of her own outfits to get the perfect shot. 

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

This is an amazing opportunity to be able to branch out and really network the way I want to, so I am grateful and thankful. 

What made you become a model?

I showed an interest in modeling from a very young age.  I went to different casting calls for commercials for kids, etc., so I would say that’s where I developed an interest.  When I was 17, I picked it back up and was on and off for about two years just trying to find my way through it.  It was hard to keep up with consistent content.  When I turned 20 is when I really started to branch out and network a little more, which made it more of a career path for me . 

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

I’m shy a lot less these days, but of course it happens.  I’m comfortable in front of the camera, but sometimes it can get to my head. 

What do you think the sexiest part of your body is?

I think the back is the sexiest part hands down.

Which insecurity would shock people if they knew about it?

I try not to amplify my insecurities, we all have them, but I love myself inside and out.  This is what I was given and I am graceful about it. 

Lingerie or Nude shoot?


What’s the first thing you do after work?

I like to wind down by lighting some candles and using my diffuser.  Sometimes I write poetry or sometimes I educate myself on something new.  I like to read true crime

What worries keep you up at night?

I like to clear my mind before I go to sleep, I love a good night’s rest. Sometimes I worry if my cat will jump on the kitchen counter while I’m asleep.

What’s the craziest thing you have done for cash?

Worked multiple jobs. 

What qualities do you want in your life partner?

Support, honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, funny, kind and caring. 

What’s preventing you from having the life you dream of?

Nothing prevents me, I’m on the right path and the right time things are happening as they should and I trust the process.  I’m elevating every single day.

When was the last time you truly felt you accomplished something great?

Every time a photoshoot concept comes together perfectly.  It’s an amazing feeling.  

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Instagram and Twitter @mrsrositaaa.  Snapchat @msrositaaa.


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