Shout Out Sunday. 10 Questions With Gospel Artist Lena Byrd Miles.

The main challenges in music today are….

Maybe getting fans to stream, support or download the material and staying relevant. (there are artists releasing music everywhere everyday, so it may make another artist not feel as “seen/heard.?

Singing with Kanye’s Sunday Morning choir was like…

Was fun and I was nervous, but overall a great experience.  I’m thankful I got the opportunity. 

Artist I would like to perform with or do a duet with…

Stevie Wonder.

Performing at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest Was…

Tons of fun and very exciting!!

My debut album will be a….

Will be an amazing body of work, with a variety of gospel sounds for my music catalogue.

My favorite vacation spot is…

I don’t have a favorite vacation spot unfortunately.

The Song On My iPod That Would Surprise People Is…

”Mama’s Red Shoes” by Stingy Brimm. 

The three apps I can’t live without are…

Music, Maps and US Bank.

The greatest invention ever created is…

A bed, lol. 

The person I admire the most is…

My personal savior Jesus Christ. 

Everyone can keep in contact with her on social media:

I’m “Lena Byrd Miles” On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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