Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Mareshah Grogan”

Mareshah Grogan is a fashion model from Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently studying

Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. She will be graduating on June 18th,

2021 and she is ready to start her career as a fashion designer. She has been

modeling since she was 17 years old. She has taught herself how to walk, take

photos and build a brand for modeling. Her goal is to continue building her brand in

the fashion industry.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

Honestly, I am honored to have been selected as one of the Abners Angels.  This lets

me know I am moving in the right direction.

What interested you in becoming a model?

When I was younger believe it or not, I was a tomboy.  I did not like girly things, I only

wanted to play with toy cars and whatever my brothers would play with.  As I got

older, I started having a interest in fashion and making people over.  I would always

get a comment from friends and family of how I should become a model.  Honestly, I

did not think modeling was my style until I tried it.  I did my first photoshoot when I

was 17 and I fell in love with taking pictures and walking the runways.  I’m here now

loving the modeling industry.

What do you think your best physical feature is?

My best physical feature is my eyes and my smile.

How do you maintain your figure?

By drinking a lot of water and I am always on the go.  I would love to start back

exercising, but I think I get enough exercise in during the day.

What is one model/photographer you would love to work with?

Chanel Iman, she is so beautiful and such an amazing model.  A famous photographer

that I would love to work with is Mario Testino.  Mr.Testino is one of the most

influential photographers in the world, he has worked with so many people.  

What have you accomplished being a model?

Since I have been modeling, I have been blessed to be in four magazines, work with

professional fashion photographers and be apart of this interview.

Thongs, bikini, boyshorts, brief or none?

Boyshorts of course!

What song could someone play on repeat to torture you?

“Booty” by Blac Youngsta. Every time I hear that song it annoys me.

What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

Honestly, I do not have a question that annoys me.

Would you rather be famous or the best friend of someone famous?

I would rather be famous than be the best friend of someone who is famous.  I feel

like if I were to have a best friend that is famous, I would be famous for being her

best friend.  I would rather have my own image instead of being famous for someone I


If you could tally up your entire life’s good decisions vs. your bad decisions,

which side would win?

This is a tough question, when I was younger, I would make many bad decisions.  Now

that I’m older and have chosen to walk a lifestyle completely surrendered to Christ,

it’s hard for me to say.  I mean I make bad decisions as well mistakes every day, but I

learn from them to make better ones.  I would say I have made more bad decisions

than good.  However, to encourage everyone who is reading, never feel bad to make

a mistake or a bad decision, because it can turn around and always be used for your

good.  Your mistakes can and will turn into masterpieces.

What is one thing you were afraid to do, but felt amazing after you accomplished it?

I was afraid of leaving the past behind.  I was so comfortable with who I was, that I

could not accept who it is I am meant to become.  This is a big one I am still working

on, but I can say during this process there has been many accomplishments through

it all.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Well, it’s been real kicking it with you.  You can definitely follow your girl on

Instagram @mareshah_grogan or @beautyofrere.  You can also add me on Facebook

@Mareshah Grogan.  Until next time talk to you guys soon!


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