Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Hip Hop/R&B Singer Kendrick P.

Did you always know music was something you wanted to pursue?

Yes. I remember being as young as 8 or 9 and dreaming of performing, singing and traveling the world.  I’m excited about being able to manifest that and live my dreams. 

In what ways has your new music changed from when you first started?

I put my first project out in 2014. Over the years, my writing ability and how I tell a story with lyrics has definitely improved.  I’m more creative and detailed with what I create.  I bring more feeling and energy to my songs and my performances than when I originally started.  I’ve also become a lot more structured during the entire creative process.  I’ve learned that having a solid process helps me to deliver a solid product. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I would say that my style is unorthodox.  I feel like a fighter who has trained in every form of fighting possible which makes me a huge threat to my opponent.  I know it’s not new to incorporate hip-hop and r&b in songs, but I have yet to encounter anyone that does it quite like me. 

What was your favorite artist growing up?

I have so many favorites, to be honest.  If I had to say one person on the r&b side of things it would have to be Chris Brown for sure.  On the hip hop side, it’s J. Cole.

Any upcoming projects coming up that you would like to share with readers?

My team and I are still working my current project W.Y.A.F.  It’s doing very well. It’s playing in over 10 markets and I have videos on Yo! MTV Raps and BET Jams.  I have also been in the studio and I have a project coming out around late May or early June called ComeCorrect.  It’s going to be a 6 or 7 song E.P. with vibes any and everyone can ride to.

The song that gets the most play on your iTunes playlist?

Right now the family is showing “Where The Love At” the most love.  Apple Music has placed us in three of their top r&b playlists.  I’m grateful to everyone who is supporting me, past and present. 

What’s a random hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never have?

I’ve always wanted to box.  I love the technique of the sport and the discipline it places into your everyday life.

What is something you will never do again?

Believe in other people more than I believe myself.  I feel like most of my life I gave more energy to other people than they gave to me and I was neglecting myself in the process.  I realized that to prosper I needed to put my focus and energy on myself to make sure that I’m good.  Then, I’ll be in a better position to help, not just myself but others as well.

What’s the title of the current chapter of your life?

Rising From the Fall.  A couple of years ago, I felt like I had hit rock bottom.  Things just weren’t going well in my life. So, I picked myself up and came up with a plan and I’m working hard.  I feel good about the direction that my life, my career and my music are headed.  

Have you ever experienced a reality check that changed you?

Several times. When I was younger, I had a friend lose his life because of my carelessness.  It was the most pivotal moment in my growth process.  I learned that actions have consequences and to be more responsible.  Something like that never leaves you.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Instagram: kendrickpmuzic.  Twitter: kendrickpmuzic.  Facebook: KendrickP Music.  YouTube: Kendrick P.  TikTok: kendrickpmusic.  Triller:kpmade3.


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