Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Mally Juice Owner.

Tell readers about your Mally Juice and when did you start it?

Mally Juice is hand crafted for quality and consistency, with only the best ingredients.  With unmatched smoothness of flavor, the refreshing fruit combinations create an exhilarating lemonade beverage that will make your taste buds come alive.  Mally Juice started off making spiked drinks in June of 2013.  When my friend opened up his restaurant in 2018 (Fatboys Wings & Things), I started making the lemonade for the restaurant and never looked back. 

What is unique about your lemonade?

The unique thing about Mally Juice is it’s something you never had before, it’s not the traditional Flop sweet tea and lemonade.  Just ask yourself have you had a passion fruit mango lemonade, Cotton Candy Lemonade, Blue Hawaiian Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Sour Green Apple Lemonade? See Mally Juice is just different. 

Describe your lemonade in three words?

You need it in your life, refreshing that speaks for its self and I would say flavorful. 

As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?

Inventory, being organized and getting it done. 

What is the hardest part about growing your business?

Folks not using the simple “@“ sign, like some folks don’t understand that an @ leads to currency. 

What is something you refuse to buy the cheap version of?

Never ever buy Walmart Great Value version of the fruit cups, just get the Dole. 

If you could only eat at one restaurant the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fatboys Wings & Things, one of my favorite meals to order is a 10 piece breaded wings tossed in honey BBQ, then I also hit the wings with a little drizzle of tangy gold bbq flavor 🔥🔥 without a question it’s team ranch all day!!! It’s a must you grab a Mally Juice any flavor would do, but with this meal I would choose watermelon lemonade to wash it all down. 

What’s a cancelled TV show you wish would come back?

The Following.  I love crime thrillers and this show was great, please check it out. 

What is the one technology that has made the world a better place?

Using turn by turn directions, remember map quest printing out the directions 😂😂 .

What’s one thing you must experience at once in life?

Start a business, the simplest ideas make millions of dollars. 

Who is someone that has impacted your life or helped you become who you are? 

Mr. Thomas Leo Albury, he instilled in me what it takes to be GREAT and the hard work you have to put in.  He left me with three words to govern myself by, pride take pride in what you do, discipline have the discipline to get up even when it’s hard and you don’t feel like doing it, execution put everything together and execute it.  

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Facebook: Mally Juice Instagram @mallyjuice on the web


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