Working Woman Wednesday. Interview With Avant, by Avant Owner.

Tell readers about your Avant, by Avant and how long have you been in business for?

Avänt, by Avant is a luxury custom women’s suit brand.  Avänt is a company that specializes in creating the perfect fit and look for the elite woman.  We have been in business for only four months, but I have been studying the construction and market for years.

What current items are your best sellers?

Our current best sellers are the custom suits and they are also the only item released at the moment.

What do you feel separates your suits from others?

The most important thing that separates Avänt from any other suit company would be our target market.  We dedicate our entire brand to women only.  It’s extremely rare to walk into a boutique that is full of women suits.  Only men have that luxury right now.

As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?

As a business owner my three priorities are consistency, reliability and customer satisfaction.  Avänt is all about giving a memorable experience.


Are there any stores that sell your merchandise? If not, would you be open to the idea of having it sold at different retailers.

I would absolutely be open to selling my products at different retailers because, I want every woman to experience the energy, comfort and dedication Avänt has to offer them.

Who is your favorite musician/singer?

My absolute favorite singer would be Chris Brown.  Not only does he have range when it comes to different genres of music, but he’s a creative genius.  He looks beyond the surface of ALL forms of art and he incorporates that creativity into his music and visuals.

What is a recent accomplishment you’re proud of?

My most recent accomplishment was being brave enough to quit my job and take on Avänt full time! That’s always a risk but it’s an exciting one when you’re full of fire.


What is a song that will always remind you of a specific person, moment or feeling?

‘Whitney Houston- I Look to You’ will always remind me of my grandmother.  She introduced me to God over and over again as a child until I was old enough to know him for myself.  He has never failed me even in my toughest battles.  I know if I trust God and put him first in everything that I do, I will be okay no matter what or who stands against me.  I will call on him every single time.

What’s one of your favorite family traditions?

I don’t think my family has any family traditions, but I plan to create many when I have a family of my own someday.

What life lessons would you pass on to your children?

Lack of confidence has held me back from doing a lot of things in life and it made me feel like I was alone in a box 24/7.  Now that I have a ton of confidence within myself, I’ve realized the significant role it plays in your life.  So, I will preach the power of confidence to my children.  I want them to grow up stronger and more confident than I was as a child.

If you could go back to one historical event to witness it, what would it be and why?

I would have loved to witness the launch of Coco Chanel.  I would have loved to be a part of that initial excitement.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Email:  Instagram: avantbyavant.  Twitter: avantbyavant.


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