Shout Out Sunday. Interview With Singer/Songwriter JusPaul.

Washington D.C. Singer/Songwriter, JusPaul’s new single, Hot Bread and Butta begins with a jazzy saxophone accompanied by Gospel/R&B vocals. Giving you a groove that entices like the smell from momma’s kitchen. His soulful vocals keep you listening as you “feel it all in ya chest”. HBAB adds a pinch of DC’s Go-Go music with a dash of smooth rap vocals solo to complete this flavorful meal.

Did you always know music was something you wanted to pursue?

I knew I would pursued music when I was in 9th grade and I recorded at a youth center near my school called “The House”.

What is your musical background?

All my life I’ve listened to oldies, Tupac, and Go-Go.  I was inspired by Stevie Wonder, Heatwave, Marvin Gaye and more.

What was your favorite artist growing up?

My favorite artist growing up varies.  There was just so much to enjoy coming up in the nineties.  Among the youth though, Usher Raymond was a force in the R&B realm.

In what ways has your new music changed from when you first started?

My new music is much more mature than my previous music.  It tells a story and the majority of my content is family friendly.

Juspaul 2

What artist would you like to perform or do a duet with?

I’d like to do a duet or perform with Ari Lennox, Trey Songz, The Roots, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder and Rick Ross.

What is one food you could not live without?

I couldn’t live without buttered toast, lol.

What’s a random hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never have?

The hobby I always wanted to try is golf, let’s go golfing y’all!


What is the most useful thing you own?

The most useful thing I own is my publishing.

If you could go to dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would go to dinner with Ari Lennox, because I think she can be my soulmate or maybe my real good friend for life.

Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time, if so why haven’t you?

I have dreamt of hang gliding, but I haven’t been presented the opportunity to.  As soon as it shows up ima conquer it!

Tell me something about yourself that sounds made up, but is 100% true?

I am one of 13 siblings.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Follow my Instagram @JUSPAUL.  Listen to my album at  Follow me on Twitter @JusPaul202.


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