Shout Out Sunday. Interview With R&B/Pop Artist & Songwriter KIIA.

KIIA is an R&B/ Electro/Pop artist and the former lead singer of the bilingual electro pop band, Empire Eleven, who’s single “Fantasy” received over two million hits worldwide. Striking out on a solo career KIIA worked with some of the best music producers in the industry, Glen Morrison, PooBon & Catchybeatz. While working on his music, the multi-faceted artist received a degree in Kinesiology & Health Science and turned it into a business success story. From fitness consultant and master trainer to the covers of fitness magazines. KIIA’s journey has been consistent and successful, with a commitment to hard work wherever the path leads.

What was your favorite artist growing up?

Michael Jackson is my all-time favorite artist since I was a kid.  As I grew older, Sting became a big inspiration as well.

What are some of the difficulties of the music business?

Music business is a very expensive business and in order to be seen there’s got to be a lot of money spent on promotion and advertising to get your voice heard! You could have the best song in the world, but without the right kind of capital to push it out, it will never get the attention and love it deserves.  Entertainment industry is unstable in its nature, so achieving financial stability in this business is a challenging art of its own.

When did you notice you were great at song writing?

The most rewarding experience as a songwriter, is when you hear people you don’t know feeling the words and singing back to you.  Also, when my idols and artists I look up to and admire asked me to write songs for them.

What artist would you like to perform or do a duet with?

Jessie Reyez, Sting, Ed Sheeran and Pitbull.


What inspired you to start your own business?

After working in the corporate world for years, I got inspired to start a business that has heart & soul and is led by core values and morals to serve people.  With clients being the heart & soul of the business, instead of quotas and barcodes.

If music was only one era, what era would you want to be stuck in?

Oh man I grew up listening to 90’s and early 2000’s music, so that era definitely hits home every time.  Anything from Aerosmith to Bon Jovi, to K-Ci & JoJo and 112.  I love the classic rock and r&b records.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been/traveled to?

I love travelling and exploring different parts of the world, different cultures, etc.  I love tropical places like Colombia, Mexico and Cuba were super cool.  Italy, Netherlands and Turkey are definitely beautiful too.

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What must be seen or experienced in person to really appreciate it?

Authenticity, being genuine and down to earth.  I feel as long as a person is true to their essence and authentic, it inspires people by giving them permission to also live their truth.  That and loyalty are huge for me.

If you could eliminate one thing from your life today, what would it be?

Procrastination, doubt and anything that doesn’t serve my purpose or God.

What did a teacher say that has stuck with you?

My favorite teacher Darren Oliver used to say, “I’m proud of you Always!” He passed away a few years ago and that has been stuck in my brain.  I aspire to be that voice to my loved ones, so they always know they’re loved and appreciated.

What’s the most important thing you learned from your parents?

To be a good person.  Both my parents are good people and genuinely care about their community.  To always do your best, no matter what.


How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

I’m most active on Instagram, so that’s the best way to connect.  On Instagram my handle is @kiiamusicofficial on Facebook and Twitter its @kiiamusic .  On Spotify or Apple Music you will find me under “Kiia”.


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