Shout Out Sunday. 10 Questions With Saxophonist Mike Phillips.

My favorite artist growing up was…

John Coltrane.

My creative process is like…

You don’t know what’s going to happen.  Sometimes the melodies come first, sometimes the harmonies comes first, sometimes the words come first.  It depends on what comes to me first, how I have to build my process after the initial idea comes.  It can come in many forms, words, harmonies or melodies.

My dream venue to perform at would be…

The Vatican.

The main challenges in music today are….

To get artist that need to be out there, get their voices amplified.  Artists that we don’t know about.

My goal I hope to accomplish this year is…

Too enjoy life while we are living in two different pandemics.  Corona and what’s happening with the social regress.


If I wasn’t a music artist I would be a…


My favorite childhood memory is…

I have so many of them.  Waking up playing Little League Baseball.

My favorite vacation spot is…

Wherever some golf is, I would say Vegas.

The greatest invention ever created is…

Homemade ice cream maker.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction…

Knowing that your gift is making people happy who encounters it.

Mike Phillips POTC jpeg

Everyone can keep in contact with him on social media:

@Mike_Phillips on Instagram and MikePhillipsFan on Facebook. Website: .


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