Working Woman Wednesday. 10 Questions With R&B Artist Terisa Rue.

Terisa Rue is from Youngstown, Ohio and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is a singer, songwriter, model and actress.

My favorite artist growing up was…

Michael Jackson ( Jackson 5 to this is it )

Artist I would like to perform with or do a duet with…

I would love to duet with Drake, Chris Brown, Cardi B and Timberland.

The song I would perform at the BET Awards would be….

Whatever my hit is at the moment (ballad or upbeat dance).

My creative process is like….

I go through something and hear a melody or a beat.  My songs are about my life.


If I wasn’t a music artist, I would be a….

If I didn’t do music, I’d be a doctor.  I love to help people.

My biggest pet peeve is…

That has to be smoking.  Yep no, eww.

My favorite movie is….

My favorite movie is the original “The Mummy”, Rick And Evie are the definition of true love (yes I’m a sap).

My hidden talent is…

I draw, art is my realm.

My celebrity crush is…

I really don’t have one yet 🤷🏾‍♀️.


My perfect date would be…..

Spending the whole day, snacks and movie, an amusement park and ice cream with a walk through the park.  Anything Genuine.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Instagram: @theofficialtrue .  Facebook @ Terisa Rue .  Twitter @OFFICIAL_T_RUE . YouTube: theofficialtruemusic .  Email: .


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