Abners Angels Presents Interview With Model “Alyssa Ros”

Alyssa Ros was born and raised in Stockton, California.  She moved to Los Angeles about three years ago.  She is family oriented and a big believer in God.  She has been modeling for six years and recently took it seriously for about two years.

How does it feel to be selected as one of the Abners Angels?

In all honesty I’m actually quite flattered.  After this I can officially call myself an Abner’s Angel!

Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?

To be honest with you it really just happened.  I remember back when I was in grade school a few of my friends were aspiring photographers and needed “models” to build their portfolio.  Of course I was there to help and one thing after another a hobby turned into something I love.

How do you deal with insecurities?

I’ve grown up being insecure.  I’ve always thought I would never be “good enough, pretty enough or cool enough”.  Crazy thing is getting bullied in grade school helped me realize my own beauty and how to embrace it.  So now, yes of course like anyone else, I do have insecurities.  However, I always try to look at them positively and ever since then I grew to just love myself regardless of anyone’s opinion.

What are your goals as a model?

My goals as a model is to inspire girls to love themselves completely and not to be afraid of being YOU.  Stop wanting/comparing themselves to be like the girls on social media (although they are beautiful).  I want this generation to know what self love is, stop bashing yourself and love yourself.  Of course empowering each other makes a difference and there seems to be not enough of that in society.  My goal as a model is to spread self love and to spread women empowerment!


What are some of the perks working as a model?

Some perks as an aspiring model is all the people you meet.  The other models you collab with or even the photographer and the work they produce.  Modeling is like another outlet of networking, I love it.  I get to meet so many different and amazing people.

What is your most memorable modeling moment?

My most memorable modeling moment was when I first started “modeling”.  I was such an amateur it was so hilarious to me.  I never knew how to pose or even how to look “natural”.  Watching myself grow these past years was something incredible something I’d possibly never forget.

What is your destination for the trip of your dreams?

A place I’d love to visit one day has to be Cambodia, the place my family is from and where my roots originated.  I’d love to learn more about the history, venture off to different sights, and oh my favorite EAT ALL THE CAMBODIAN DISHES I COULD POSSIBLY DEVOUR.  I love Cambodian food, if you haven’t tried it… let me tell you now you’re missing out!


What is one thing in life that makes you feel alive?

One thing that makes me feel alive is success.  Success in accomplishing my goals, success in being mentally/physically healthy and of course success when it comes to making my family proud of me.

Who is your favorite shoe designer?

Christian Louboutin, although I don’t have any pairs right now I know eventually I will.  I love his designs and all the different styles he comes out with.

How has your family shaped your personality and who you turned out to be?

My family has always been one of my biggest supporters in anything/everything I do. That’s something I’m overly grateful for.  They taught me love, self preservation, and to never give up.  All that made me who I am today.

Are you a morning or a night person?

OH, I’m definitely a night person.  I hate mornings but if I gotta get up I’ll get up.


A day shopping or a day relaxing in the park?

If I had to pick, I’d pick a day shopping… only because I don’t tend to do it often.  Believe it or not I don’t shop as much as I’d like to.  Shopping is one of the things I love to do whenever I’m overwhelmed or stressed out, it’s my outlet.

What celebrity would you rate a perfect 10?

Man this is a hard one, there are a lot of women or even men who could be a perfect 10. But someone I do adore and look up to would have to be Angelina Jolie.  She inspired me to eventually open a non profit and help those in need with food/water, shelter, doctors, education, etc.  Her work in all the different countries she traveled to made me want to do the same.

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?

Everyone can follow me on Instagram & Twitter at @alrxpa, and subscribe to my YouTube channel link in bio!


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